The Netherworld of International Espionage: Then … and ???

Fair Dinkum reflecting upon ………………………………………………..   ………… with the highlights being the Editor, Thuppahi’s insertions

A = I knew about this history, but was aware of the curious perspective taken here with regard to a nexus between global Islam,  India and the Russian revolution. Nonetheless, it is a perspective worth considering as one theory (of many) on  the matter. It’s about Maulana , a founding member of  the Ghadar Party. Not sure if he had much influence on world affairs but….  the tale is interesting in the light of other nationalists such as  Bose and Gandhi. 

Abdul Hafiz Mohamed Barakatullah …  ubhas Chandra Bose

B = “You will only find these stories on RT or other Russian outlets, never in the West.”

C =  “Incidentally, the British secret agent Sidney Reilly, referred to in the article, was involved in what became known as the “Lockhart Plot” to overthrow Lenin and the Bolsheviks. The plot was thwarted by Felix Dzerzhinsky,  head of the Cheka.

Reilly escaped but was eventually lured back into Russia after his good friend Boris Savinkov, who had been in the Kerensky government, was lured back into Russia by “The Trust’ which purported to be an Anti Bolshevik organisation funded by the West, but was actually a Cheka operation run by Felix Dzerzhinsky. The Cheka was Lenin’s secret police whose main aim was to track down and eliminate counter-revolutionaries.
Those lured back to Russia via The Trust, like Savinkov and Reilly, were caught and later executed.
Many in Western intelligence circles regard Reilly as an inept clown,  and not the dashing romantic spy depicted in the TV series Ace of Spies in which NZ actor Sam Neill played Reilly.


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