Cricket Levelling Cricket! The Glenn Maxwell Song** …

Michael Roberts, deploying a twist on the West Indian calypso song presented by Lord Superior to sketch the twists and turns in the game exposd by Glenn Maxwell in te couse of two back-to-back matches

Playing against Afghanistan at Wankhede Stadium on the 14th November 2023, Glenn Maxwell produced an extraordinary innings of 201 runs off 138 deliveries that eventually secured an unlikely victory in dire circumstances—one that hauled the Aussies from 7 wkts for 91 runs in the 18th over to 293 for 7 wkts in the 47th over. He amassed amassed an unprecedented double century …. 201 runs in 138 balls at a strike/rate of 157.03.

Some of his strokes were SWIPES that are not in the rule book and would be verboten in any coaching camp. These swats generally took the cricket ball to the ropes … and OVER the ropes. Some were reverse swipes to his right; some swats were to the left …. in a series that we are unlikely to witness again – EVER – in our lifetime.  All this ina condition of pain and hobbled capacity!

But, then.

Guess what. Playing in the semi-finals — no less – at Eden Gardens in Kolkata on the 16th November, Maxwell came in during the 21st over with the game in the balance at 133 for 4: and this is how his innings unfolded …..



Shamsi to Maxwell, no run

Huge appeal for caught behind! Does him all ends up. Goes straight on, Maxwell plays back and is beaten. No edge. Jeepers

THE Following OVER …. 22

Maharaj to Maxwell, no run

Massive appeal for caught behind! Not given. South Africa review. Maxwell going for the reverse sweep. Might have missed this. Looks like daylight between ball and bat/glove. Yep, not out. Super on-field decision


Maharaj to Maxwell, no run

Very full at the toes, tapped to midwicket. And breathes


OVER  23


Shamsi to Smith, 1 run

Full outside off, gets well forward and pushes into the covers

Shamsi to Maxwell, 1 run

Flicked off the pads into the square leg area


Shamsi to Smith, 1 run

Nicely played, gets well over the ball and flicks along the ground through midwicket



Shamsi to Maxwell, OUT

Done him! Oh boy, what a moment. Shamsi is off. Touch shorter, Maxwell goes for the pull, the ball skids through and clatters into leg stump. From 201 to 1

Glenn Maxwell b Shamsi 1 (5b 0x4 0x6 8m) SR: 20



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