Obeisance in Asia and the West: The Contexts of Practice … & Thereby Its ‘Weight’

Lorenz Pereira in Email Debate with  A Handful of Pals, November 2023 ……… An Exchange that the Editor of Thuppahi deems worthy of public presentation for wider reflection …. & comment

Most enlightening comments from all of you and I am lost for words that my off the cuff, tongue in cheek somewhat flippant comment on the Maxwell/ Tendulkar incident was given such worldwide publicity by Michael Roberts.  Nevertheless, thanks heaps Michael. As they say any publicity is a bonus.

Glenn Maxwell’s puja to Sachin –the gesture which led to the THUPPAHI Item that sparked a debate among Lornez and pals …. https://thuppahis.com/2023/11/11/glenn-maxwells-puja-in-sachins-presence/#more-77036

I must say that I was totally in agreement with the comments from all of you. However, in defence of the subject title that I used, I must clarify that it was directed entirely to that particular moment where Maxwell greeted and paid tribute and respect to the Master, Tendulkar. I see absolutely no wrong in that. One can never compare Maxwell with Tendulkar and the gesture was most appropriate: paying his tribute to a “God” among cricketers

Furthermore, as I have mentioned before, Maxwell must have acquired a great deal of Indian culture via his marriage to an Indian lady to enable such a spontaneous action.

 Hats off to him.

However, the much broader issue of worshiping in the present SL context is a completely different issue and it’s use in regard to perceived “respect “ to its politicians is highly questionable and devalues the act of “worship” as  rightly alluded to by dear Skanda. I fully support Skanda’s views.

My wife and I view a lot of SL Tele drama although I understand a mere 5/10 percent of the dialogue. What has impressed me is the feet worshipping to parents by their kids. Wonderful respect. What baffles me is that these very kids as they grow up seem to lose all those precious values of their younger days. Just see where the values of the country are at now.

As some of you are aware, I have been mentoring a Royal College Hostel student, Praveen, in English for over two years, generally on the week end for about an hr. Last March whilst coming for the Royal-Thomian cricket match I visited his home in a remote village off Galle. On leaving, as Kumi stood up, to my embarrassment and shock, Praveen and his parents went on their knees and worshipped both of us. This was a phenomenon that I had never experienced before and I felt so humble and elated “that they had both valued and were most grateful for having been teaching their son not only English, but the confidence to be a well-rounded young Man.” It was a most wonderful and appreciative gesture that will remain with me.

two photos of Lorenz and Kumudini being hosted by Praveen and his parents in the latter’s home

For me I most certainly will not devalue that worshipping. It has a place in their lives if applied correctly, but not deployed in order to curry favours from politicians.

Love and Blessings …. Lollo



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  1. Dear LORENZ & KUMUDINI…. and For All Ye Readers to Absorb

    Your outreach support to a young lad from your school is a heart-warming devotion of time and money. I know one Ceylonese gentleman who has left the shores of this Earth who would be smiling encouragement from the realms beyond. His name is EOE PEREIRA. …. no less than a Professor and Vice-Chancellor; but, above all, A SRI LANKAN.””

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