Glenn Maxwell’s Puja in Sachin’s Presence

After a remarkable feat of batsmanship on one leg that brought him 200 runs and secured an Australian victory against Afghanistan at the World Cup match in Mumbai, Glenn Maxwell went on his knees in puja to the all-time Indian great Sachin Tendulkar ……    





Such an Asian mode of respect is not surprising because he is married to an Indian lady.


















AND THIS DEBATE among Sri Lankan cricketing aficianados:

A = Comment from Lorenz Pereira in Melbounre, circa 9 Nov 2023:

When Sachin Tendulkar came to congratulate Glen Maxwell @ da Wankhede ground, da great Maxwell bowed down & touched da feet of the legend & sought his blessings. One of da Greatest moments in da history of Cricket. Salute to these legendry Cricketers. 👍

B= Response from Richard Hermon in Melbourne:

“Agree Completely Lorenz !! Something that has been missing in sport ,and Australian commentating and the press in General
C= Challenge from Somasundaram Skandakumar in Bandarawela:
“I am sorry Gentlemen, humility must also have dignity! To me this reflected servility which was unnecessary. Maxwell has the makings of a great cricketer in his own right.
Clasping of the palms would have been more than adequate.
Our politicians thrive on this demeaning gesture with our gullible population. 🤗🤭😩
D: Response from Lorenz….

“Dear Skanda, … Very true.  But in Maxwells case, Pl remember that he is married to an Indian lady and he is required to worship her parents thus. A spontaneous habit that makes for a happy wife and a happy home.

For the sake of such bliss, I would go on bended knees etc at any time.
Isn’t it a gesture of respect too?
Love and Blessings, …. Lollo
E: Counterpoints from Skanda:
Parents yes….Revered Teachers too perhaps for the education imparted.
I teach spoken English to youth from the estate sector, and the first time they attempted that on me I held them gently and said it is a gesture reserved for worship of deities and parents.
Namaskaram is the next dignified gesture which I encouraged them on as it reflects mutual respect.
Just my personal belief Lollo, having seen our citizens do a “Maxwell” so frequently on our miserable politicians…..and gasped “What demeaning Servility “ while the politician had his ego massaged!
Love and blessings SS””

F. In Sweeping Support of Skanda’s Stance …. Lalin Fernando:

I fully agree with Skanda. We have seen and had enough of how empty these gestures are when they are made by our politicians.

I introduced shaking hands with our village youth who joined my regiment. They would very innocently say ‘thank you’. When we got them as recruits to line up to shake hands after a rugby match they did so as instructed but kicked each other thereafter!
Namaste and its SL equivalent have great significance to all of us in our part of the world. However shaking hands, a Chinese origin custom if I am not wrong, is a much warmer greeting. Of course today we have gone overboard after a Minister kissed our Olympic silver medalist Susanthika Jayasinghe at the airport. Somebody should have kicked him. Now however kissing and hugging is the norm
When an East Pakistani (now Bangladeshi) bowed down to kiss the feet  of Field Marshal  Ayub Khan, a Pathan, then the visiting President of Pakistan, Ayub held the man  up and said ‘you do so only to God, not to  man’. It impressed me and I have my Ayub moments!
Stay well”.”…………….. LALIN

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  1. richardhermon

    Whilst I acknowledge the truth of each and every Reply and the commentators right to interpret the gesture as servility etc etc,.my humble observation is each one pays homage to a deity a respected person or a friend in the way that is appropriate for that persons emotions AT THE TIME and what he/she intends to convey. My friends you have the right to view it as you see it and that is your right!!

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