Israel”s Pursuit of “The Final Solution” vis a vis the Palestinians

Gamini Seneviratne** whose chosen title is “The US, ISRAEL & WMD”…. with the highlighting being the author’s emphasis

 It was just twenty years ago that George W Bush of the USA declared that Saddam Hussein possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that threatened the security of The Free World. Today we are presented with a whole range of similar – and much worse – fictions by and on behalf of Israel. It is impossible to find words in this language to describe those usurpers to the land of Palestine and their atrocities, now freshly renewed, against her people. And they receive the continuing, totally indefensible, support of the western media which exerts itself to obfuscate what should be clear to the whole world: the intention of “Israel” to achieve its Final Solution, a la that of Hitler and of Nazis everywhere, through genocide.



It would be well at this point to recall that a hundred and fifty years ago when the troops of the United States of America were slaughtering the people of the Philippines to advance their notion of Empire, a ‘respected’ member of the US Senate assured his colleagues on the floor of that house that “You must remember that these are all orientals” (i.e., not ‘people’ as ‘civilized society’ understands that word).

And when we consider ‘holocaust’, a word that the self-same ‘jews’ in Palestine seek to apply exclusively to what the Nazis did to the jews in that part of Europe, we need to place them in context as applying to other atrocities. There are many such but we should all consider, {after the ‘American’ example in the land its decision makers now occupy and call ‘Home’), Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Korea, Vietnam, Chile (and virtually the whole of south America), Africa, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, as well as other contributors to the genre among its friends, Kashmir, Brazil and, of course, Palestine.

Let us return, for a moment, to the “WMD” in Iraq.

It was a fabrication, like the present one of an ‘invasion’ by Hamas, the taking of hostages and such other poppycock invented by the true invaders, the occupiers of Palestine based in an enclave they call ‘Israel’.

A pretense for invading Iraq occurred in the events centered on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington supposedly carried out for al-Qaida, by ‘pilots’ who had never flown any kind of air-plane: the Bush administration pretended ignorance of the fact that Saddam had rid Iraq of such elements as al Qaida years before.Bush claimed Saddam was continuing to stockpile and manufacture WMDs and that Iraq was part of an international “axis of evil”, along with Iran and North Korea. In October 2002, with no credible reasons stated, the US Congress authorised the use of military force against Iraq.

In February 2003, the USA asked the UN Security Council to give the go-ahead for military action against Iraq, saying it was violating previous resolutions with its alleged WMD programme. However, it did not persuade the Council. Most of its members wanted weapons inspectors from the UN and International Energy Authority to carry out more work in Iraq to find evidence of WMDs.

The US said it would not wait for the inspectors to report, and assembled a “coalition of the willing” against Iraq.

Who supported that unprovoked assault on Iraq?                                                                                                

Disregarding the reports to the contrary made by his own security service, Tony Blair declared that Iraq was indeed a great threat to peace in the world. Despite the efforts made by the US most countries refused to support military action against Iraq. Of the 30 members of ‘the coalition’ only three, the UK, Australia and Poland participated in the invasion. The UK sent 45,000 troops, Australia sent 2,000 troops and Poland sent 194 special forces members.

Bush himself ignored any need for proof. For him, (to use his own words) “the fact that Iraq wants WMD is the same as their having any”

Let us turn now to what Israel did and continues to do right now. It is pertinent to record that the USA vetoed just yesterday a UN resolution calling for the cessation of attacks on Palestine and for providing access for the provision of humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza.

China said that the US veto was beyond comprehension. But, then, so was Joe Biden making a spectacle of himself embracing the presently active butcher of Gaza, Netanyahu.

And we have had Keir Starmer, who handled the eviction from the Labour party of the most competent and honorable political leader in Britain in half a century, Jeremy Corbin, making “horrifying comments about Israel having the right to withhold fuel, water, food and electricity from the 2.2 million Palestinians trapped in Gaza, effectively endorsing a war crime”.

** Gamini Senevirathe is a product of Royal College and Peradeniya University. He was my batchmate a Ramanathan Hall in the late 1950s and entered the Ceylon Civil Service where he carved out a otable career. 


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  1. Maj Richard Hermon

    People are entitled to their own views. But if you say that”It was a fabrication, like the present one of an ‘invasion’ by Hamas, the taking of hostages and such other poppycock invented by the true invaders, the occupiers of Palestine based in an enclave they call ‘Israel’. I have to ask on what basis you make this remark? And perhaps what planet you have been residing in After your notable Civil Service career ? Perhaps Royal and Peradeniya dint educate you in the history of that area ?
    Maj Richard Hermon (Rtd) RAAC

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