USA encourages Israel’s Nazi Pathways

Blackjack Bibi …. with the title and the highlights being impositions by The Editor, Thuppahi

I was interested in the “NOTE from VB, an American citizen from Sri Lanka” which refers to Nikki Haley advocating the final solution for the Palestinians with the words “finish them off” in a hail-blaze glory of mass extermination which has come to embody what the West and Australians refer to as “Western values”. Haley doesn’t seem to realize what she is advocating is what Hitler advocated for the Jews. These two “final solutions’ can never be right under any circumstances.

As King Abdullah of Jordan said in Cairo on 21 October, Palestinian lives matter as much as Israeli, American, or any other lives. The lives of all human beings’ matter. Where are the collective West’s values heading if they abandon that principle?  

Pause to consider that on 10 December 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by UN General Resolution 217A. The US was a signatory to this declaration. Israel has also signed this declaration.  But the extremist rhetoric coming from the political elites of these countries clearly shows the West has thrown the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into the dustbin of history; while the United Nations lacks the political will to do anything about it, because, like a Mafia gang, the US Rules Based Order supersedes the UN. 

It is not only Nikki that advocates mass genocide of the Palestinian race. Three days ago, Israel’s Minister of Economy Nir Barkat vowed that Israel will “wipe Iran off the face of the planet” —  meaning Israel plans to nuke Iran as part of this mass genocide, not only Palestinians but extending it to Iranians. What Nir Barkat fails to comprehend is that he has handed Iran the golden keys to nuke Israel because under the UN Charter, if a country makes such a threat or there is the intentional to carry out, then the opposing country has the right to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike under international law, which means, Iran has the legal right to nuke Israel first in self-defence. The doctrine of proportionality no longer applies in this case.

Once you go down the path of advocating the wiping out entire races, religions and countries off the planet, and regarding Palestinians, Iranians and Muslims as “human animals” that can be wiped off the face of the earth as Nir Barkat and Nikki Haley advocate, then the UN collapses as the rules of war and international law no longer matter. So, we are entering Biden’s new world order where it a free for all for everyone to destroy everyone. The West have no moral superiority in their values.

How can Biden expect any leader in the Global South to seriously take his announcement that he plans to build a “New World Order”. His “New World Order” will be just a rehash of the old tired sick US led “Rules Based Order”.

When you consider what the Western leadership is advocating today, it is clear to the world, the West is now relentlessly pursuing the same path as Adolf Hitler.   

GERMANY – MAY: Adolf Hitler, winner of the Prussian and Bavarian elections, giving a speech, in May 1928, in Germany. (Photo by Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

Nazi Party members salute German Chancellor Adolf Hitler as he emerges from a party meeting after a speech. (Photo by © CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)




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