The GAZA Clash & Its Ramifications: Fundamental Grounding …. A Sri Lankan’s Reading

A Sri Lankan in Brisbane … responding to my Thuppahi Question: Why did HAMAS launch an attack in Palestine [with implicit awareness of extreme Israeli retaliations] ? … with the highlighting in red being that of the Editor, Thuppahi and that in black being the author’s.


Dear Michael,

Israel has never been a country that abided by International rules.

Although the majority of Jews migrated to Israel from Russia & Eastern Europe, the British & US heavily back Israel because the wealthy Jews who fund US Congress are in the US & UK. The US Congress is beholden to these wealthy Jews for their election funding. In addition, almost all Arab countries are headed by corrupt US cronies, beholden to the $.

Over the past decade or so, the US has been successful in getting the Arab Heads of State to recognise, establish diplomatic relationships and establish business relationships ignoring the suffering and openly apartheid system enforced by Israeli Government towards the Palestinians allowing more Jewish migration and establishing more settlements in West Bank and in the process killing the peasants with the active support of the JDF.

The Tamils in Sri Lanka, the Black Africans in the US, the Blacks in South Africa never ever suffered a tiny fraction of the suffering, confiscation of land, confined to small areas not being allowed freedom of movement that the Palestinians have faced.

The closest comparison to the suffering Palestinians are subjected to is the suffering inflicted by Nazis on Jews for a few years, nothing to compare with 75 years of suffering Palestinians have gone through with no end in sight.

It is only a matter of time that a few brave patriotic people who cannot endure such suffering inflicted on their people from birth will do something out of desperation to bring the plight of their people to the attention of the World.

Hamas has definitely succeeded in doing that and reversed the gains Israel has had with the corrupt Arab rulers and put a stop to the Abraham Accord peace agreement.

The Summary Above derives from  from following world News over the past many decades, so kindly do not ask me to support my conclusions with references.

The Jews knew that they are pushing the Palestinians to a breaking point so as to take advantage of such a move to push them out to the Sinai desert as refugees and never take them back

That is the Jewish Plan to get all of Palestine for themselves.

 [But] Now, it is likely that Turkey will get involved.

So, thanks to the few brave Hamas Warriors, unlike the pacifist Mohamed Abbas allowing the WB Palestinians to get shot by IDF & settlers on a daily basis, the Palestinians have some prospect of wider support ….

Let’s see how it goes.

From a personal point of view, I certainly do not like Muslims for what I see in the news but what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians is terrible.

It is funny to observe that when I asked an average Jew on the streets of Tel Aviv “who is Jesus,” many will ignore you, many will say he is nothing but most will say he is a Traitor. Yet almost all Evangelical Christians in US support the Jews.


NB: the images have been selected by the Editor, Thuppahi in hasty arbitrary fashion from the internet.


This Sri Lankan has links with my home town of Galle. He spent ten years working in Africa from 1975-85 and visited & travelled in Europe on several occasions; while also visiting Israel (but not Palestine) on a couple of occasions. He has been in Australia since 1985 and seems to be a seasoned and intrepid landrover traveller.


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4 responses to “The GAZA Clash & Its Ramifications: Fundamental Grounding …. A Sri Lankan’s Reading

  1. A concerned observer

    The strong pro-Israel lobby in the West, the apartheid treatment of the Palestinians in Palestine/Israel for decades with no equality given to Palestinian human rights and, of course, the initial Balfour Declaration and the aftermath of the balance of power tilted in favour of the Palestinian Jews are undeniable historical facts; but there is also a fairly high degree of support and concern for the plight of the Palestinians in the UK for example which has now also a sizable Muslim population. The fear of being branded ‘anti-Semitic’ has made political leaders more cautious in commenting on the current situation making some err on the side of caution as has happened just yesterday with the leader of one of the two major political parties who had to clarify his stance towards the Gaza siege given the resignation of some members of his party.

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  4. Jean Byrne

    The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) aired a telling documentary just before the attack by Hamas on 7/10/23. It is worth viewing. It gives a vivid picture of what has led to this present war – the discrimination against Palestinians and the utter disregard of their rights. One Israeli was asked if he had title deeds to the land he had decided to occupy and he produced the Bible! To view it on iView: Google correspondent. (If not already registered, you’ll need to provide your email address, a password, etc. before access to any doc. on iView can be obtained.) It was first screened on Channel 20 on 8/10/23.

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