Palestine & the Propaganda War by Video: Issues

ISSUE:  Question from A British-Lankan Friend, 16 October 2023

Hi Michael, I would like to give this video much wider circulation, but I need a link…can’t find one!”  ….  …

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, THE REFERENCE BEING = video of Egyptians walking across desert with backpacks of assistance for Palestinians in Gaza …. SEE ….

Is this verifiable? There’s lots of fake news being put around by both sides. I would love to give this video wider coverage.

ANSWER from “A Middle Eastern Specialist”

The source for this is Kurdistan24 — a news source based in Iraq with a bureau office in Washington DC.  This video is circulating on many telegram sites, for instance, this one ………………

You can view this telegram page to determine for yourself how reliable it is based on other items and the perspective it takes in order to determine the ratio of fake to accurate stories.

From a cursory perusal of, much of it seems okay, though I am not sure about the claim of anti-Semitism among US troops.  It is certainly no more posting fake stories than the Western media which only report 10% of a story. To take one example, Middle Eastern countries are coming together in a way not seen since the 1960s and look to China and Russia as peacemakers, not the West, and are currently holding very significant diplomatic talks with China and Russia in finding a solution. It is too early to say what the outcome will be, but China has been a peacemaker in the ME in recent times, far more than the West.  That’s not been reported in the West, but it is reported in the ME. Countries in the Middle East look to China as a peacemaker, not the US, UK or Europe.

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Kurdistan24’s audience is mainly in the Middle East and Turkey.

I cannot provide any further verification of the Egyptian food video, but am keeping it in mind,

  • There is an (unverified) film showing humanitarian trucks at the Egyptian-Gaza border unable to cross the border.
  • Israel has bombed the border crossing; while Egypt is not allowing Palestinians or Westerners of mixed origins stuck in Gaza to cross the border.
  • There is a story the EU are intending to set up a humanitarian air corridor to Gaza, but it is not confirmed.
  •  I am not sure if Egyptians (like those in the video) can cross the border illegally, but it may be possible in desert areas. I know illegal border crossings are common in Jordan, where oil in particular is illegally moved across the Jordanian-Syrian border quite frequently.
  • I should add that perusing that telegram page will not tell you whether the Kurdistan24 video clip is authentic. It was posted on this and many other telegram pages, but the source is Kurdistan24, so verification would have to start with them, not with those positing it.


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  1. ËMAIL COMMENT from my longtime-friend and collleague Professor GEERALD PEIRIS of Peradeniya University, 17 October 2023: ”
    “This is why I have all along been skeptical about photo-images. Anyone can also display how impartial or astute he/she is in responding to such images. Dpert cinema crews.igitised counterfeiting can often be detected; but not those produced by expert cinema crews.”

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