Palestine Events: Appalling Media Bias in Western World

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Maloof strongly believes Mossad and Netanyahu knew Hamas would attack Israel, but allowed this to take place so it would give Israel the excuse to ethnically cleanse Gaza, level the entire city to the ground, including apartment blocks, hospitals, schools, universities, UN buildings, aid trucks, as well as convoys of civilians leaving their homes in compliance with Israeli demands. All this so that Israel can annex Gaza and begin to build up new Israeli settlements in Gaza which were the same policies adopted by Hitler in WW2. 

 Michael Maloof, Former Pentagon Senior Security Policy Analyst and a former senior security policy analyst in the Office of the Secretary of Defense of the US Government.

Maloof also rejects claims made by UK Armed Forces Minister James Heappey that Israel is only carrying out precision strikes on the Hamas leadership, and not targeting civilians. It is transparently obvious to anyone with even ten percent of the intelligence of Winnie the Poo to see that Heappey’s claim is sheer propaganda and total BS. The British Government has lost all credibility as it sinks to new lows in the propaganda wars and now effectively condones genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.  And the same government has the gall to accuse Sri Lanka of genocide. Golly Gosh how Western democracies are falling…falling… falling…and failing… 

It is no surprise that RT has become one of the most important and popular sources of news throughout the world because US experts like Maloof cannot get a platform on mainstream Western news outlets. The truth tellers in the  West can only find a platform on Russia Today. Many Americans truth tellers would love to have a platform on mainstream media in their own countries, but they are banned. They have a choice. Keep silent or find alternative platforms.  Thank God for Russia Today – a most reliable source of news.



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  1. Sanath de Silva

    How thought provoking, Michael.
    Awesome read, as always!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. ËMAIL COMMENT from my longtime-friend and collleague Professor GEERALD PEIRIS of Peradeniya University, 17 October 2023: ”
    “This is why I have all along been skeptical about photo-images. Anyone can also display how impartial or astute he/she is in responding to such images. Dpert cinema crews.igitised counterfeiting can often be detected; but not those produced by expert cinema crews.

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