Articles on the Easter Sunday Attacks in 2019 presented within TPS in May 2019

Michael Roberts

I have recently presented the list of items placed in this site during April 2019 immediately after the shocking events and now commence  to  present the itmes that appeared in May 2019. I can hardly claim to have provided a comprehensive coverage, but readers will find a wide variety of  personnel from different ethnic groups within this list.  That it should evoke such wide interest is not surprising: it was a kind of 9/11 in Sri Lankan and Indian Ocean history.

Brendan O’Neill: Double Standards among Liberals in the West: No RAGE from Sri Lankan Horrors in Contrast with Reaction to Christchurch,” 28 April 2019,…… a reprint from the Weekend Australian, 27 April 2019, with this title “Hierarchy of Victimhood: The slaughter of Christians elicits grief not outrage “
Zahrah Imtiaz, D.B. Subedi, and Muttukrishna Sarvananthan:Sri Lanka’s 4/21 Moment. A Way Forward to Countering Violent Extremism,” Eurasia Review,  …. rep in TPS as Äfter the Easter Sunday Terror, 4/21: The Way Forward
Ranga Jayasuriya:The Dilemma facing Moderate Muslims and the State in Sri Lanka: Incisive Thoughts from Ranga Jayasuriya,” 2 May 2019,
DBS Jeyaraj:  “The Skirmish at Sainthamaruthu and the Suicidal Deaths of Some Wahhabi Jihadists -Jeyaraj as Investigative Journalist,” 2 May 2019, ……being a reprint from Daily Mirror, 2 May 2019, where the title is “Battle of Sainthamaruthu Zahran’s family members dead in Sainthamaruthu”
ACL Ameer  Ali: “Anatomy Of An Islamist Infamy – II Colombo Telegraph, 6 May 2019 …. reproduced in TPS with this title How Extremisms have fed off Each Other in Sri Lanka, 1950s-to-2019 …. and still proceeding,”
Rajeewa Jayaweera: Ultimate Loyalties: Sri Lankan Muslims in Lanka but beyond the Nation,” 8 May 2019,
Siri Hewavitharana:Intelligence Network Failures in Sri Lanka,” 8 May 2009, reprint of article entitled “SL Death Cult and Political Corruption that created this monster” in Asian Tribune.
General HMHA Herath: Who was behind the Easter terrorist attacks?” Island, 15 May 2019, rep in TPS with title “An Incisive Summary of Factors that enabled the Easter Bloodbath,” 16 May 2019,

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