Articles on the Easter Sunday Attacks in Sri Lanka, 2019: THOSE in April 2019


Nirupama Subramaniam 2019 “Nirupama’s Incisive Appraisal identifies Islamic Jihadist Patterns in Easter Sunday Terror,” 22 April 2019, …..

Daily FT News Item 2019 “Same ID utilized by Jihadist Outfit behind Hotel Terror Attacks in Colombo,” 22 April 2019,, 22 April 2019, [where the title used was as follows:  “Guest checking in with same name and NIC number at three hotels”
Ivan Amarasinghe 2019 “Ivan Amarasinghe slaps the BBC for Misleading Aspersions,” 22 April 2019,
Gus Mathews 2019 “Security and Governance Failures Everywhere: A Concise Review by Gus Mathews,”  25 April 2019,
Sanjana Hattotuwa 2019 “Terrorism in Sri Lanka: Some Threads in Social Media …. with Analytic Reflections,” 28 April 2019,
Greg Sheridan 2019 “Sheridan’s Concise Overview of Security Failures and the Islamic Extremist Threat in Sri Lanka … and This World,” 29 April 2019, ……….Weekend Australian, 27/28 April 2019, where the title is “Eternal vigilance is the price of keeping Islamist terror at bay”

 ….. LET THUPPAHI  end the “April ‘News-Stabs’ ag this topic with some quotations from Greg Sheridan’s thoughts from afar (Austtalia)


*The Sri Lanka attacks also serve as a huge propaganda success for Islamic State. It has lost the last sliver of its territory from the old caliphate but it is not at all on its last legs. Not only did it make a strong statement claiming responsibility for the Sri Lanka attacks, it released a video featuring the attack’s leader and masked men pledging allegiance to the group. It also put out a sophisticated statement in Tamil. This is not a movement on the brink of extinction.”

  •  “Sri Lanka reveals the state of play. Western intelligence and security agencies have been brilliant at limiting the threat and preventing further mass atrocity attacks such as 9/11 in Western nations. Most attacks in the West in recent years have been by lone actors. But the global Islamist jihadist movement goes on, brilliantly adapting its ­tactics, choosing its battlefields, exploiting local grievances, recruiting both the marginalised and the affluent but easily led

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