“Mama Papa,” aka MarcSri, sustaining Disabled Children in Kalutara

There are numerous worthy charities all over Sri Lanka. MAMA PAPA is just one … but is now one I have chosen to support and to advertise. I encourage friends and relatives within easy reach of the institution to visit, assess and place their thoughts in this THUPPAHI spot….. Michael Roberts

SHRIMALEE’S APPEAL……. Called Marcsri……. Which was started in 1983 .By a lady; and was registered in the Government social service Dept in 2012.I’m in the main home. There are 10 homes in and round Kaluthara. Out of these 10 homes, there is one called Mama Papa which has only disabled and mentally upset small children. Most of them spend their time in cots and wheelchairs.                   

I’m badly need of your help at this moment. There are 65 inmates males and females fully disabled and mentally upset people. There cupboards are very old now. Doors are hanging moths have eaten and dust are falling its in repairable so i thought of helping them to get new cupboards. I contacted a carpenter from Moratuwa he agreed to do it for a very reasonable price. A cupboard will cost Rs 13.200  …  .  so I need funds for 10 cupboards. I could bargain a little bit bcs Marcsri is very well known here.

We had generous donors before who helped us in A big way. But after Covid they stopped giving funds and support as their businesses went down zero and some closed down completely. With the present economic situation in the country they couldn’t restart anything.

My dear all you could do is pass this message to your friends all over and charity organization and societies. Each cupboard is 35/38 from the cloth measuring tape. I need Rs 1.350,000; ,,,,,, One Lakh thirty-five thousand I suppose it’s AUD 700/ in your money.  [ERROR HERE …it is Aus $ 6445 ]

If each one you contribute AUD 50/100 you could find the funds to help us. That price is for transporting as well from Moratuwa to Kaluthara. So please help me in this project if each one contributes even in small way you can help me as this is a worthy cause.

PS: go to our web site also check from the internet as well. Thank you with love and Gods Blessings …. https://www.facebook.com/MarcsriHomes/


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  1. K. K. De Silva

    Read about the Founder of Marcsri here:

    Read about the Mama Papa home & others here:

    It really deserves help from the community.

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