‘Nuclear War’! An Escalaton to Nuclear Weaponry Around the Corner NOW!

An Observer in a Black Sea Town

A Russian professor of history has put forward the case for Russia to use nuclear weapons sooner rather than later to get the West to back off and thereby save humanity. His argument is stimulating much debate inside Russia.  He presents a compelling argument.

From Russia’s perspective,  the war in Ukraine is not about Ukraine but about responses to the West.  The West is driving this war, supporting it, and are largely responsible for it having meddled into Ukraine’s political system since 2004, and as the West now claim Ukraine as being under their sphere of influence, and having spent years sabotaging Ukraine-Russian relations to gain a geopolitical advantage over Russia. This war is the outcome of Western interference into countries on Russia’s border.  Georgia is another case. Also  Moldova.

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  1. Gamini de Alwis

    Thank you for this post. It’s the other side of the story. I don’t necessarily agree with all of the sentiments but it highlights the danger of unrestrained, insensitive and compulsive hoarding of power by the West led by the US.

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