Rohit Sharma smacked on the Bottom by Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas in Facebook …

At the post match press conference Rohit Sharma was appalling to state the least. He never admitted that his team was beaten by a better unit. He stated that Shubman Gill was unlucky to be given out by a fantastic catch by Cameron Green, blamed the TV crew for not giving better angles, to conclude the TV umpires decision.

Said they should have had a minimum of 25 days to prepare for the Test. Who asked his players to play in the IPL, did the ICC, organise the IPL? Never said that his batters were not good enough on English conditions, made an excuse that Test world championship should be hosted in other countries , not only in England, never mentioned about , the Australian pace attack or Scot Boland and his nagging line, all that he said was ,Travis Head , and his fearless approach. He stated that the Test Championship must be a 3 match series, it should also be played later than the month of June. Guess he wants to play in India where spinners come into play and the match is concluded in 3 days.

Come on India, get your back yard in order, your priority is white ball Cricket, and that too in your own back yard, and for your batters to feast and bully on flat tracks. When you encounter extra bounce, you have excuses, absolute rubbish.

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  1. Daya Wickramatunga.

    It is pointless looking for excuses the better side had to win.

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