A Partisan Australian-Voice: China as Spectre

A Canary Club Reader


This Australian is obviously a subscriber to Australian media outlets such as Sky News, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Herald Sun – an avid reader of the ideological nonsense written by people like Andrew Bolt, Peter Jennings, John Lee, Gerald Henderson, Paul Dibbs, Paul Kelly, Greg Sheridan, to name a few. (I need not list them all here because their names are well known).

Here is a Dada exercise which reveals a certain truth. Take an article by any of these idealogues, cut the author of each article, put the authors’ names in one hat, and the articles in another hat.  Then draw a name and article out of each hat and put them together.  It matches perfectly every time because all of these ideologues have the same ideas, write the same crap to exaggerate their absurd China threat narrative so the government will give the defence industries more money, which they are also beneficiaries.

The Australian seen in this Channel Nine video has sucked up all this anti-China Australian propaganda hook line and sinker and is going out to find Chinese spies everywhere.  Here he has captured 3 or 4 “Chinese spies”, including one female, on a wharf somewhere in Australia. At one point, while holding what appears to be crutches, he demands, “What’s inside here?”  Perhaps he thought this was a Chinese assassination team entering Australia with weapons concealed secretly.  When told they are fishing, he rejects their claim completely and tries to push them to the ground presumably to arrest them. It turns out these guys were legitimate fishermen of Korean origins. The only spying they were doing were on fish.  

One thing is clear. This guy deserves to be given a plumb job in ASIO or ASIS where he can put his superb tradecraft skills to good use to ferret out hundreds of thousands of Chinese spies all over Australia. Any Asian will do. He is a true-blue Australian defender of the nation, and all of this appropriately timed to take place on ANZAC Day – a day that has evidently become politicalised and divisive.


This anti-China hysteria that exists in Australia is getting worse every day and much of it is because of the media. China is no threat to Australia, and never has been. These so-called “security experts” in Canberra and Sydney keep ranting on with platitudes like “security and the national interests are more important than trade and economics”, however, as a human being (irrespective of Australia) there is one thing more important than security and the national interests – and that is truth.  Truth has a value far more important than security. Truth has a value far more important than national interests. Truth has a value far more important than the constant stream of lies perpetuated by the Australian government and its compliant ideological media. In these dark times it is important to remain on the side of truth.  The security experts in Canberra and elsewhere want to go to war against China over ideology, which is not a just cause for war. I find the idea of killing Chinese because of ideological differences to be deeply repugnant and an act of pure evil.  



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4 responses to “A Partisan Australian-Voice: China as Spectre

  1. Thomas

    The author condemns some Australians for their anti-China views but offers no reasons why these views are to be considered to be wrong and the author is to be considered right in saying that China is no threat to Australia!

  2. A Canary Club Reader

    If Thomas cares to read the writings of Australian idealogues I referred to above, they themselves offer no evidence to support their anti-China claims other than banal statements like “China is the aggressor” or accusing China of being Nazis which certain Australians politicians have asserted over the years. We can find thousands of such examples but let me give you a few for starters.

    Thomas, go back and read the front page of The Australian Newspaper for Thursday 21 April 2022. The headline reads, “Chinese troops to come next”. “Solomon Islands deal clears the way for boots on the ground”. Big headlines, designed to create fear and anti Chinese sentiments in the Australian public.

    Ben Packham went on to claim: ‘Strategists said China would “move as fast as it can”, to establish a foothold in the country”, and that “China wants what the US has, which is a permanent military presence in the Pacific”. None of these claims have proven to be true. Another claim made in April 2022 was that Chinese troops would be in the Solomon Islands within six weeks in time to invade Australia before the elections. In response, one Australian “security expert” called for Australia to invade the Solomon Islands based on these lies.

    There were no Chinese boots on the ground in the Solomon Islands and not one iota of evidence that there ever will be. There was no evidence China intended to build a military base on the Solomon Islands and put boots on the ground. The same claim was made in the Australian media four years earlier in 2018 that China would quickly establish a military base in Vanuatu. Five years later, in 2023, it hasn’t happened and there is no evidence it will. All of these claims are delusional. The claim China wants a military presence in the Pacific has been made since 2018 without a shred of evidence. It is a strawman argument because in making these false claims, the US cheerleaders in The Australian newspaper call on Australia to build its own military presence in the Asia-Pacific region, as we have seen recently in the Philippines.

    As the years go by, these false claims and fallacious arguments will come back to haunt their writers. In a recent article published in The Australian, John Lee continued to push this strawman argument that China is seeking a military presence in the Pacific, again based on no evidence whatsoever. Having established a strawman, Lee asserts Australia needs to counter this imaginary threat by inserting Australian troops into the Pacific. Worse still, the idealogues assert the defence department is creating the conditions so that the Pacific and Southeast Asia will be the staging ground for a war against China, so that Australia will not be harmed. I wonder how Southeast Asian and Pacific Island leaders and their peoples would feel knowing Australia is already planning to use their countries in a proxy war against China.
    If this commentator can prove why China is a threat, I will be happy to respond. I have never seen a single persuasive argument to justify why China is a threat to Australia. It reminds me of a claim once made by a British politician around 2003 who declared: “Just because we have no evidence Iraq has WMDs doesn’t mean Iraq doesn’t possess them.” What a load of baloney. Such statements were used to justify an illegal war against Iraq. It is these types of fallacious arguments that perpetually drive the West into war for no good reason, just as we see in the China threat narrative. In fact, there are very good reasons to support the argument that the West is the greatest threat to the world, but that is a story for another time…

    One day a good book will be written on the lies perpetuated by the Australian media in fabricating a case for war against China. When you strip away the lies, you find the only real basis why Australia and the US want to go to war against China is for ideological reasons which the US and Australia have framed as “autocracy vs. democracy”, which is a load of BS.

  3. Jack

    The US have recently esbtalished 4 new military bases in the Philippines. I believe the number of Amercian military bases around the world has now surpassed 1,000 – many of these are circling China. And we are supposed to believe China is going to established military bases in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands.

  4. A Canary Club reader

    Going back to the Dada exercise I described above, the article referred to in my last post above, which was written by Ben, could have easily been written by Gerald, Greg, Peter J, Paul D, Paul K, or Andrew at the Herald Sun, or Peter H at The Sydney Morning Herald. I have another article written by Greg which similar unsubstantiated claims proposed by Ben just waiting to be deployed to any brave soul who questions my argument above. Not just one by Greg, but hundreds of articles.

    What is striking about the idealogues in the Australian media is that none of them seem to be able to tolerate diversity of opinions because when someone like Paul Keating puts forward alternative views, they use every devious means possible to shut him down so that only one narrative survives – the one rehashed and repeated daily in the Australian media like yesterdays leftover rotten stinking fish. When Paul Keating is particularly harsh on specific people like Peter H or his pal at the SMH, they cry and say “Hey Paul, that hurts. You are going to far with your criticism”. The double standards here are so transparent.

    If you were to take a large room as representing all the possible viewpoints on China, the views found in the Australian media are so narrow and restricted, they would occupy only a tiny fraction of one corner of the room, i.e. less than .0005% of possibilities. And yet, that small narrowminded view is given 100% prominence in the Australian media.

    I deliberately brought in the Dada exercise because Dadaism is extremely relevant and pertinent today as it was in 1917, as that art movement was formed in response to the causes of WW1. The Dada movement was highly critical of this war and its causes, and rightly so. Sadly today, artists have become so entertwined into the system, they no longer have the independence, the vision or true artistic sensibilites to form a similiar movement in response to the coming war against China. The world needs Dada 2.0.

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