Sri Lankan Performative Dance within Easy Reach in Colombo

News Item in The ISLAND newspaper, 7 April 2023**

There has always been a massive void in Colombo for anyone, local or foreign, to savour a regularly held authentic Sri Lankan cultural show that reflects the diverse dance and drums of Sri Lanka. The Colombo Cultural Show has filled that void with a sleek, professional and highly engaging cultural show encompassing a repertoire of ten dance and drum items that takes the audience on a journey of upcountry, low country, Sabaragamuwa and folk dances.

A press release said: ‘Held weekly under the beautiful expanse of the Nuga Tree tucked within the gardens of the Cathedral of Christ the Living Saviour on Baudhaloka Mawatha Colombo 7, the dance troupe has been carefully curated by Transcend Drive (Pvt) Limited, specifically for the Colombo Cultural Show, with some of the best dancers and drummers in the country. Besides being a charming troupe dancing in perfect rhythm, feeding off each other’s infectious energy, the dancers also showcase amazing versatility in audience engagement, inviting them to join in some of the dances, which to a visitor is a most memorable experience.

‘Sitting on comfortable cushions under the canopy of the Nuga Tree which is an extraordinarily beautiful setting for the Colombo Cultural Show, while sipping a fresh fruit juice and munching on crispy cassava chips (all included in the entrance ticket), the show begins at a punctual 6.30 pm. It runs for a total of 70 minutes after which the audience is once again allowed to interact with the troupe, taking photographs and selfies as they please.

‘Tickets are available at all leading hotels and will even be delivered in and around Colombo, while transport is provided to and from the venue for in-house guests.’

**   Title of News Item =Colombo Cultural Show – ‘an enjoyable outdoor experience of authentic Sri Lankan dance’

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