The Insidious Work of American Soft-Power Agencies

 An Observer in a Georgian Black Sea Resort Town

The NED/CIA have been using soft power to target the youth and media institutions in countries around the world. Take Georgia and Hong Kong as case studies.

Protestors rally against the draft law outside the Georgian parliament in Tbilisi.

In the last few weeks, the Georgian parliament, the elected representatives of the country, tried to introduce a Foreign Agent’s Register Act just like the one Australia introduced in 2018. The Georgian version used very similar language to the US foreign agent’s registration law which was passed in the 1930s.  Suddenly, the Georgian youth came out on to street demanding the government reject this draft law. EU leaders labelled the proposed Georgian foreign register law as being “against EU values”, even though almost all EU countries have the same law.  This is a repeat performance of what happened in Hong Kong in 2018-2019.

The foreign registers law proposed by Georgia would have made it more difficult for the US and the West to meddle into Georgia and that is why the US and EU leaders opposed it.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgia declared its independence in 2001. The new government had a somewhat rocky relationship with Russia, but still reasonably friendly, until the NED/CIA came in and began their work to seduce the youth into admiring American culture, American art, films, and of course, American wealth. Gradually, the NED/CIA began to shape the youth into thinking they could be like America. “Wouldn’t you like to be like us?” the NED/CIA would say to the youth of Georgia. “You can be like us. All you have to do is to love us“.  This is very effective tool of manipulation in every country the NED/CIA target.

Then came the Rose Revolution in 2003, a US inspired colour revolution. On 10 May 2005, George Bush stood in front of the parliament in Tbilisi to congratulate Georgia for taking its first steps towards Western style democracy and telling them “the American people value your friendship”.  Since then, the NED have continued to shape the minds of the Georgians, especially the youth and its media institutions, to a point where young Georgians have almost lost their own traditions and have replaced local cultural norms with American values. Georgia is more like America today than Georgia was in the past. This explains why it was so easy for the US to inspire and trigger a protest in Georgia against the foreign agent’s register law.

US President George Bush in Tbilisi on 10 May 2005 addressing Georgians.

Some Georgian youth are so foolish as to think Georgia can take on Russia by opening a second front in the war. But if that were to occur, the Georgian army would be quickly defeated and Georgia would only lose more territory to Russia.

These same patterns occurred in Hong Kong in the way the NED/CIA focused on the youth for decades causing mayhem, chaos, and instability. China responded by introducing a national security law in Hong Kong which successfully neutralised the dangerous threat posed by the US designed to subvert Hong Kong’s government, to split Hong Kong from China, and to bring Hong Kong into America’s sphere of influence.

In every country the NED/CIA operate, including Sri Lanka, the NED/CIA often target young journalists, the media, youth advocacy, promoting LGTB and transgender culture as a soft power to turn the targeted country into one that loves America and American values. Once the country is hooked on American values, especially in the youth and media, the US then go to work on taking control of its government – not immediately – but in piecemeal steps.

This raises the question. To what extent is the NED/CIA in Colombo shaping the minds of the youth, journalists, and media institutions in Sri Lanka? This is a fair question that demands detailed investigative research to understand what exactly the NED/CIA are doing in Sri Lanka. The NED/CIA operate so insidiously inside a country, it can take ten or twenty years before the damage they have inflicted can be seen.  By then, the damage caused cannot be reversed. This is why a serious study on the impact of the NED/CIA on Sri Lankan society demands urgent attention.


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