Sri Lanka in Bottomless Shaft of Debt …. Debt …. Debt

VERITE Research Debt Update …. mid-March 2023

Sri Lanka is currently experiencing a financial crisis on an unprecedent scale. In May 2022, Sri Lanka defaulted on its debt servicing obligations for the first time in its history since independence. Against this backdrop, the Verité Research Debt Update provides a regular update for investors, policy makers and analysts, on the latest debt related financial news together with a brief analysis on the latest developments.

This edition includes coverage and analysis on the usability of the IMF financing and the volatility of the exchange rate.

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One response to “Sri Lanka in Bottomless Shaft of Debt …. Debt …. Debt

  1. Sarri Junaid

    The problem basically is the culture of impunity that has prevailed since independence.
    What is needed is a new constitution with term limits to elected office and equal representation of both sexes in the Parliament. Fortunately the country is blessed with an abundance of bright young people in spite of the recent exodus.
    It’s time to retire the old lot or to send them to pasture.

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