Danger! Danger! Read All About IT !!! Ye Australians

A good friend of Malaysia and Indonesia currently on the Black Sea … with a title and highlighting imposed by The Editor, Thuppahi

A:  Paul Keating released this statement today saying the AUKUS arrangements represent “the worst international decision by a Labor government” since Billy Hughes introduced conscription.  Very strong words here, highly critical of his own party – a betrayal in fact.

Also judging by tweets issued by Indonesia’s foreign affairs ministry and a press release from the Malaysian government, both are clearly annoyed and concerned about AUKUS, and neither government will support Australia’s provocations against China.

Far different from the misinformation we saw in The Australian today.

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B: The Australian” falsely claimed (by implication) that the Indonesians supported AUKUS, but in fact they don’t.  If the Australian government is warning Asian governments of misinformation about AUKUS, will that include their own misinformation?

Addressing good friends in Malaysia and Indonesia: please do not go down the Aukus rabbit hole into war. Watch Australia carefully and call the bastards out over their unnecessary provocations, and perpetual warmongering.  Australia cannot be trusted. Do not take Penny Wong’s assurances at face value.  She is lying.








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