The Mudaliyar Class Goyigama Family Combine in Colonial & Independent Sri Lanka

Mevan Pieris serves up a Synopsis of his Book prior to Its Launching

Synopsis of the book on The Communityto be launched at The Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Independence Square, on 21st March, at 6 pm, with Professor GL Peiris as Chief Guest, and S. Skandakumar and Warden Marc Billimoria as Guests of Honour.

‘The Community” is a historical account of the Mudaliyar Class Goyigama Family Combine, the existence of which has been already reported by several eminent writers, and about which Michael Dias, the celebrated Law Don of Cambridge, has written to say, “the precise relationship from amongst the complex family affinities that made the extended Community………. defies simple definition”. This work has not only attempted to shed much light on the evolution of the Community, but has also portrayed its Master Spirits to provide a greater appreciation of the stupendous contributions made by them to society in various fields and ways.

The book has three introductory chapters, written on the general theme of King, Captain/General, Nobleman, to provide an appreciation of the historical background in which the Mudaliyars had to perform their duties, during Portuguese, Dutch and British periods, in a changing environment. There are also separate chapters on nineteen different Mudaliyar Class families, which had inter-married to weave the fabric of the Community, only to be known by who they were and what they have done. The book is of 580 pages and carries 159 historic photographs. Those interested could contact <>.
Let Thuppahi present Mevan Pieris in three different stages of his highly productive and talented life.

Mevan representing Sri Lanka at cricket …
rendering critical service at Kennington Oval in London in June 1975 when Duleep Mendis was felled by paceman Jeff Thompson & there was a total absence of medical services at those grounds ***
   …. and thereafter as an academic
….. and relaxing in retirement
 *** A THUPPAHI THOUGHT: In what is surely a display of school-bred cameraderie as well as a remarkable coincidence, the injured batsman Duleep Mendis was/is a Thomian and those carrying him are two Thomians, Dennis Chanmugam and Mevan Pieris; while the highly agitated not out batsman is Anura Tennekoon — also a Thomian and skipper of the Sri Lanka team.

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