The American-IMF Monster Revealed in Dissection of Sarvanandan’s Reading of the World

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The Western template for stories on so-called predatory practices by China was crafted some years ago by former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and US, UK and Australian think tanks. Sarvanandan is simply rehashing the same thing.

His claim to be offering a “factual cum reality check” is another misleading fact-reality check.

Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon

What is striking about this article is that there isn’t a single word about the predatory practices of the US Government, nor does Sarvanandan have a clue about China’s foreign policy and their opposition to Western hegemony which was documented in a report this week detailing case by case with sound evidence the harmful practices of the US government around the world. This recent publication by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs marks a major shift in China’s foreign policy and signifies China is fed up with America’s nonsense and is now setting down a marker.

If you compare China with the US lending practices via the IMF or even aid coming from USAID, their practices are far worse than China’s. Sri Lanka has taken out 17 loans from the IMF. Each loan comes with conditions, pushing Sri Lanka further each time into a US style neoliberal economy, injecting great harm into Sri Lanka, forcing Sri Lanka to be more dependent on the IMF and the US government, which only benefits Western interests. That is the only reason why the US give aid and loans to Sri Lanka. Any Sri Lankan who thinks the US and IMF are giving these loans because they care about Sri Lanka is delusional and living in fantasyland. There is no end to these loans, nor to do the ever-increasing number of conditions being imposed on Sri Lanka. The latest IMF loan to Sri Lanka will not be the last.

USAID Director Samantha Power

USAID’s Samantha Power is going around countries the US government want to influence offering aid in return for compliance with US national interests. The US don’t give aid and loans because they care about countries. Governments in the Global South are pressured to take US loans and aid which always come with conditions tied to US geopolitical and national interests.  On the rare occasion a government refuses US aid, the US Government automatically deems that country a threat to US national interests, they set about demonizing the leader, work with opposing political groups sympathetic to the US government and spread harmful and dangerous propaganda to shape the theatre to bring about regime change. That is a true predator.

Pause for a moment to consider why Samantha Power turned up in Budapest recently to organize another colour revolution under the guise of giving aid and “spreading democracy”? (here, “democracy” is a codeword for advancing US geopolitical interests). She came to Budapest because Hungary’s present leader Viktor Orbán has refused to comply with what the US government and EU demands of Hungary. They don’t like Orbán’s good relations with Russia. They don’t like his opposition to EU sanctions. They don’t like him blocking Ukraine’s entry into NATO. They don’t like him cultivating good relations with China. They don’t like him declaring his support for China’s peace plan for Ukraine. They don’t like him period. And so the US have decided he has to be removed as it is no coincidence that Power suddenly turns up in Budapest to ferment a colour revolution under the guise of promoting democracy. For anyone wanting to observe true predatory behaviour, just follow what USAID, NED and the IMF actually do in countries around the world.

Why have the West suddenly turned on Modi? Why is George Soros calling for Modi and his government to be removed from power? The timing of his call is significant. It is because Modi refuses to comply with US demands for India to side with them against Russia. India is skilfully manoeuvring around all the big power interests using diplomacy, but always acts only in India’s national interests.


China is viewed very favourably among the countries of the Global South. A recent survey of 137 countries conducted by the University of Cambridge found 70 % of the Global South have a positive feeling about China (the Global South comprises 83% of the world’s population) while 66% feel positive about Russia. People need to read more to find out why China is admired and liked among the peoples of the Global South a fact that continues to irritate the US greatly and so they are back again to demonizing Xi and attacking China and pouring billions of dollars of weapons into Taiwan and the Philippines in preparation for a war against China.

MS’s argument is not just misleading of China, but out of sheer ignorance he misreads what is happening in the world and the direction the world is moving. He needs to read more widely.

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THUPPAHI ADDENDUM re Samantha Power’s Previous Intervention agianst Sri Lanka via R2P and Links with Mangala Samaraweera

There are also several web-references to ITEMs on Samantha Power in the Tamil Guardian which my computer refused to open


Note another striking photograph of Power in full flow=

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