Merton College & Its Meaningful Academic ‘Surrounds’


Former Warden Professor Irene Tracey CBE FMedSci became Vice-Chancellor of the University in January 2023.The admission ceremony was held in the Sheldonian Theatre on 10 January and was followed by a procession to Merton College, where the post-ceremony lunch was held.  Upon arrival at College, the Vice-Chancellor looked delighted to see Mertonian staff welcoming her outside the College, and took a moment to greet Head Porter Huw James on her way in to College for lunch with fellows and guests.

ALSO SEE ….. AND ….if you wish to hark back to the carefree old days in 1964 or so, just take in this menagerie of Mertonians

…. and place the lot against the imposing and meaningful college surrounds


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