Lanka’s Independence Day Gathering in Adelaide in Pictures

Bandula Alahakoon has professionally captured the Independence Day Celebrations held at a Community Centre in Hectorville, Adelaide on Saturday 4th February with Dr Charitha Perera (Hony Consul), Nayan Perera (servingas compere) and such personnel as Nazli Farook and Mano Ransoma supporting the organising work and marshalling of ‘troops’.






Nazli Farook on left and Dr Charitha Perera chatting in the course of the evening (with no signs of harrassed pressure).

Religiosi from the Buddhist Vihare, the Hindu Temple and a young prist from a Islamic mosque provided blessings, while Dr Colin Fernando presented a Christian Message in his inimitable style.

Zoe Bettison, Minister for Tourism and Multicultural Affairs in the South Australian Parliament graced the occasion and Professor Derek Frewin (Medical Faculty, Adelaide University) was among the dignitaries present. Ms Bettison  delivered a brief speech; while Nayan Perera served as Compere in his customary melifluous manner.

…. and THEN, there were the customary Sri Lankan dances and geetha presented by young troupes with considerable elan and proficiency.







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3 responses to “Lanka’s Independence Day Gathering in Adelaide in Pictures

  1. Shane

    The grand idea of celebrating Independence Day, in Sri Lanka, is the equivalence of finding a cure for no disease…One wonders whether Britain celebrated its Independence from Sri Lanka???

    • David Wei

      I find the entire ‘celebration’ strange. Migration from a country is an extreme step, usually the consequence of that country having utterly failed their needs . People celebrating the separation of that country from Britain, the same Britain to which so many of their countrymen want to move to but cannot.
      How much easier it would be to move if that separation hadn’t occurred.

  2. Joe Paiva

    Extremely well done in light of the prevailing situation in Sri Lanka.

    I applaude the organisers and all the youth for their valuable contribution.

    An example for the SL Government to take note.

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