St. Joseph’s College in Colombo: Its Early History

Following up on Till the Mountains Disappear, Dr. Srilal Fernando (Melbourne) and Avishka Mario Seneviratne have authored a new book Fruits of Virtue: An Early History of St. Joseph’s College.

The book contains the events of the early years of the College where both the clergy and laymen took an active part in establishing the College. It contains a detailed description on the founder benefactors, the story of the initial property and the College land in Darley Road, the benefactors and tales of the Buildings of the College, the achievements in studies and sports, and the works of selected Old Boys. This publication is highly illustrated (over 300 photographs) and printed by Aitken Spence Printing.
The book is a collector’s edition limited to only 400 copies, each of them numbered. Here is your chance to reserve your own piece of Josephian History. Contact 0766122345 or +61 408 038 688
     Table of Contents

Foreword 8
Introduction 10
Ecclesiastical Benefactors 18
Lay Benefactors 24
The Saga of the Lands 69
This Man Lytton 84
The first Prize Giving 100
Bonjean Memorial Hall and its Benefactors 109
Formation of the Old Boys’ Union 118
The Chapel and its Benefactors 125
Illustrations and Views of St. Joseph’s College 137
Bibliography 189
Picture Credits 193
Afterword 194
Index 196


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  2. Can i have an electronic copy of this book? A PDF?

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