Adolf Hitler’s Logic

Courtesy of Richard Koenigsberg in New York

HITLER: “If I don’t mind sending the pick of the German people into the hell of war without regret over the spilling of precious German blood, then I naturally also have the right to eliminate millions of an inferior race that multiplies like vermin.” …..

Adolf Hitler raises a defiant, clenched fist during a speech.

circa 1933: German Dictator, Adolf Hitler addressing a rally in Germany. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)








Meltzer, Milton (1991). Never to Forget: The Jews of the Holocaust.
Six million– a number impossible to visualize. Six million Jews were killed in Europe between the years 1933 and 1945. What can that number mean to us today? We can that number mean to us today? We are told never to forget the Holocaust, but how can we remember something so incomprehensible?

We can think, not of the numbers, the statistics, but of the people. For the families torn apart, watching mothers, fathers, children disappear or be slaughtered, the numbers were agonizingly comprehensible. One. Two. Three. Often more. Here are the stories of thode people, recorded in letters and diaries, and in the memories of those who survived. Seen through their eyes, the horror becomes real. We cannot deny it–and we can never forget.

‘Based on diaries, letters, songs, and history books, a moving account of Jewish suffering in Nazi Germany before and during World War II.’ —Best Books for Young Adults Committee (ALA). ‘A noted historian writes on a subject ignored or glossed over in most texts. . . . Now that youngsters are acquainted with the horrors of slavery, they are more prepared to consider the questions the Holocaust raises for us today.’ —Language Arts. ‘[An] extraordinarily fine and moving book.’ —NYT.

Notable Children’s Books of 1976 (ALA)

Best of the Best Books (YA) 1970–1983 (ALA)

1976 Boston Globe–Horn Book Award for Nonfiction


“If Hitler didn’t mind spilling precious German blood (killing his own soldiers by sending them to die in battle), then he also had the right to kill Jews (eliminate them in the Holocaust). The logic of the Holocaust followed as a function of the logic of warfare…..” Richard Koenigsberg


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2 responses to “Adolf Hitler’s Logic

  1. Vernon J. Potger.

    Racism is Timeless and will march on unconquered.

  2. Arun Dias Bandaranaike

    Hitler or any other large scale campaigner in war can achieve what they wish to even as they require marshaling the emotions of persons to do their bidding, without the involvement and support of clergy. The evidence for such happening in Germany is abundant. It also happens in other cultures, not only in Christendom.

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