A Mid-Pitch Telegram for Don Bradman

Des Collins

A pause in play as Sir Don Bradman receives a telegram  while batting for the Australians  Worcestershire in April, 1938  

Such interruptions were pretty common back then.

Hampshire’s Lionel Tennyson, during his captaincy days, used telegrams to give his batsmen instructions during games!

Much better than using sandpaper for ball tampering instructions by the Aussies.




This choice photograph and Item was sent to me by Dr Deepal Lecamwasam of Adelaide, a former Thomian and University of Ceylon cricketer. Whether it betters the picture of Bradman and other cricketers having a cuppa tea in mid-pitch …………………. https://thuppahis.com/2022/11/21/mid-pitch-tea-for-don-bradman-12-others/. is an issue where the voting count could get quite interesting.

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  1. George Stathopoulos

    High tea for me!

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