Snap! A Classic ‘Catch’ of a Classic Catch


This photographic snap is a classic because of the frozen imagery of all involved! It must surely outdo that of Bradman on the ground having tea (

Rahul Bhattacharya introduces it thus in the Cricket Monthly: “Miracle at Short-leg. Which is the better catch – Eknath Solkar’s blinder to dismiss Alan Knott, or the photographer’s capture of it?” …………..—eknath-solkar-takes-a-blinder-to-dismiss-alan-knott


A NOTE from Michael Roberts, 27 November 2022:

It is entirely in character for Rahul Bhattacharya to identify this camera shot and imprint it indelibly on many minds via cricinfo. He has been doing this for quite some time (see….). 

My fading memory indicates that I had the good fortune to interact with him at the Galle Literary Festival in January 2008: see the Pix where he is to my left.

But, quite foolishly, I  have lost contact (to my loss). Readers of the cricket world and its oddities willdowell to keep an eye out for Rahul’s “interventions” and productions. Also see where one item is “When Ranga comes round …” ….

EMAIL COMMENT from ERROL FERNANDO in Melbourne, 27 November 2022:

“Thank you Michael. This is indeed a classic picture. Each of the six has a very different reaction  –  umpire, keeper, slip, batsman, bowler and non-striker.”



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