Western Programme in Ukraine raised Existential Fears in Russia

Prof. John J. Mearsheimer will be delivering a LECTURE on The causes and consequences of the Ukraine war” …………http://www.defenddemocracy.press/the-causes-and-consequences-of-the-ukraine-war-a-lecture-by-john-j-mearsheimer/

 A NOTICE dated  18/07/2022

Professor John J. Mearsheimer will discuss the current Russian invasion on Ukraine whilst exploring the potential causes and consequences of the crisis.

In this lecture, Prof. Mearsheimer will aim to focus on both the origins of the war in Ukraine and some of its most important consequences. He will argue that the crisis is largely the result of the West’s efforts to turn Ukraine into a Western bulwark on Russia’s border. Russian leaders viewed that outcome as an existential threat that had to be thwarted. While Vladimir Putin is certainly responsible for invading Ukraine and for Russia’s conduct in the war, Prof. Mearsheimer states that he does not believe he is an expansionist bent on creating a greater Russia. Regarding the war’s consequences, the greatest danger is that the war will go on for months if not years, and that either NATO will get directly involved in the fighting or nuclear weapons will be used — or both. Furthermore, enormous damage has already been inflicted on Ukraine. A prolonged war is likely to wreak even more devastation on Ukraine.


Prof. John J. Mearsheimer is the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor in the Political Science Department at the University of Chicago.

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One response to “Western Programme in Ukraine raised Existential Fears in Russia

  1. Rex Olegasegarem

    It is true Russia’s intervention in Ukraine was brutal and deserved to be condemned . However, NATO and the West have a lot to answer for the provocation. If you look at the geography , Russia’s concern for a Western backed Ukraine is understandable as this would have encircled Russia. The Ukraine President should have given an iron-clad assurance that Ukraine will remain neutral, Russia did seek this at the start but made the mistake of amassing it’s troops on the border which cast some suspicion as to the true intention, Hence, the current unfortunate conflict causing innocent civil casualties.

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