“Go Home Ranil” …. Astute Pedlar Opportunism


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16 responses to ““Go Home Ranil” …. Astute Pedlar Opportunism

  1. Sachi Sri Kantha

    Thanks for posting this photo, which I enjoyed. May I know what is wrong in earning a quick buck, at the expense of a pedlar politician, who was unelected in 2020, but entered the parliament through the back door? May be the word ‘home’ in the head band should not be taken literally, now. But the message is clear. What can this guy Ranil do now to the country, though he had been a politician since 1977? Simply comparing himself to Churchill and Dr.W.G.Grace won’t put bread in the table for commoners, isn’t it?

    • N. Goonewardena

      What idiocy are you talking? You have put the cart before the horse. Even before RW has begun his stint as President properly you ask the question “What can this guy Ranil do now to the country,……….? You have undertaken a post mortem even before the patient is born! Your anger and why you are upset is very clear to us. It is because you are a racist.

      • I reply to N. Goonewardena’s comments. Though I do not agree with Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka’s views completely, his commentary on Ranil W. published in the Island (‘The real Ranil report and Aragalaya 3.0’, July 23) and reposted in Tuppahi’s blog, under the caption ‘Ranil Wickremesinghe in his True colors’ is on the same wavelength of mine. Mr. Goonewardena, you are entitled to differ. Amen.

  2. shan

    Many Many defeats for the party under his leadership, the splitting up of the party under his leadership, The virtual obliteration of the grand old party, under his leadership, Lost his own seat at during the hustings, Lost his house and prized possession, Today he is the Executive President. Dream Full-filled. The valuable lesson here, Never Give up on Your dreams and ambitions. You will always get there in the end.

  3. PERTINENT EMAIL COMMENT from Professor CHANDRE DHARMAWARDANA in Canada, 17 July 2022: ….

    …. So we see that there is an organization ready to print and distribute new headbands overnight.

    But they are not there no organization existing,to MAKE biodiesel, biogas, or plant manioc. Undertaking such tasks is SIMPLER, easier, and more helpful to the country and the downtrodden people than doing all this agitation and sowing vindictiveness.

    Sri Lanka is supposed to be a Buddhist country. Whether you are a Buddhist or a Marixists or an agnostic, the logic behind the Buddha’s message contained in the parable of the man writhing in agony with an arrow in his body is unbeatable.

    The Buddha asked: “if you see a man writhing in agony with an arrow in him, do you spend time asking who shot the arrow (Gotabhaya, Basil or Ranil etc etc?), from which direction did the arrow (USA or China?), what wood it is made of?, was the man shot a corrupt rascal worthy of being shot etc etc?”


    The Buddha pointed out that all those questions are IRRELEVANT. The ONLY acceptable course of action is to save the person from suffering, by taking remedial action.

    Instead, we see that even in these emails they are trying to apportion blame, distribute headbands to generate more violence and hate. The consequences of these actions are clear. The wheels of the cart will follow the idiot donkeys who are pulling it, inexorably, towards further anarchy.”

    • N. Goonewardena

      I fully agree with you. It has become the age of the Bermuda shorts, blue (unclean) jeans, sneakers, headbands, bandanas, and of course, the “kudu” and the arrack, and the Biryani, and scattered, used condoms. Who needs books, anymore!

    • N. Goonewardena

      You do not even know elementary Buddhism. That is what one can infer from your meaningless references to the Buddha’s teachings without any proper objective or direction.. And, what you write is, like an entangled ball of twine. It makes no sense.

  4. For my study on Buddhism, I’d appreciate if Prof.Chandra Dharmawardena can provide the specific reference in original Pali language, of Lord Buddha’s quotation.
    The learned professor asserts that ‘Sri Lanka is supposed to be a Buddhist country’. Really? If so, why maintain such a large Sinhala-Buddhist army, at a heavy cost to its citizens? Cannot it be disposed of?

    • N. Goonewardena

      Please don’t bring racism in to this website. Do not write anything like a fanatic regarding the people of Sri Lanka, their races, and their religions. You are nothing but a fanatic racist, and a person who spits venom of hatred, on others and their religions. So, get lost from this website, you punk.

      • Sachi Sri Kantha

        Here is my short response to N. Goonewardena: Thanks for your thoughts. Humor bites in one’s buttocks firmly, isn’t it?


    “Super reply. I endorse it.Thanks for sharing. …..All the best.

  6. SL politicians are full of “BS”; and the majority of people are easily hoodwinked.
    I do not see a remedy for this.

    • SARRI is an old schoolmate from the Fort of Galle and migrated to Canada via Yugoslavia [if my memory serves me right) before moving to Canada. This was way way back in time. I am not sure how closely he has followed events and trens in Sri Lank and whether he has made regular visits [like yours truly]. His elder borther FAIZAL remained in Galle but, alas, passed away quite a while back

  7. Chitran Duraisamy

    How ironic is this or as some would say KARMA is a bitch! Non-descript role at the moment Ranil is crying foul about his house set on fire and the loss of his precious books…he is lamenting about priceless old books signed by the authors! Wish he was this sincere and empathetic about the current economic crisis.

    Today we see RW and others ashamed of the rioting that has been part of the people’s protest to the extent, some Facebook posters who enjoy sharing clips are ashamed to show these images purely due to the cringe factor and embarrassment it causes them as Sri Lankans. Rewind to 1983 and leaving aside the organized burning of residential properties sponsored by the state, the highly acclaimed Jaffna Library, a treasure trove of immeasurable literature went up in flames and not a word from Ranil (nor his executive powered uncle JR Jayawardena). Bad things happen when good people standby and not do anything…..and I sincerely believe back in the day before he was tainted by the corruptive powers of politics Ranil was (note the past tense) a good man. NOT ANYMORE, A SERIAL LOSER, ARROGANT SELF-CENTRED MAN DEVOID OF COMMONSENSE WITH NO REGARD FOR THE PEOPLE’S MANDATE. Time to leave politics permanently with what little dignity he may have only amongst a very small section of a favoured few. This includes undoubtedly the protection he has offered the Rajapaksa hooligans who have systematically raped the country.

    Side note: Satyagraha at the Galle face 1956 was the Aragallaya of today that was ignored. Don’t make the same mistake dear Sri Lankans; this is a peoples struggle for justice and equality for ALL.

    • N. Goonewardena

      Chitran Duriasamy,
      We all deplore the burning down of the Jaffna library as well as Tamil houses in Colombo in 1983. We feel very sorry about them. However, I do not see how you can draw a connection between the burning down of the library and Ranil Wickremasinghe and/or JR Jayawardena. What did you expect them to do after the library was burnt down? Cry unashamedly? Please establish solid causality, without trying to hopelessly link people and events without one iota of evidence. I am fully convinced that you are looking at everything in Sri Lanka, past and present, through the tinted glasses of racism

    • N. Goonewardena

      Please never ever again make statements like “Karma is a bitch.” You are insulting Buddhism, you fanatic punk.

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