Marvels of the Camera. At Cricket. At Galle

Michael Roberts

As an ardent cricket-spectator as well as a Galilean it was a tremendous pleasure to follow the coverage of the Test Matches at Galle over the last two weeks. The roaming aerial views provided by the drones enhanced my pleasure and generated a nostalgia that cannot be captured by words. HERE, however, I wish to highlight a remarkable photographic highlight on the final day.

This was when Sri Lanka led by Chandimal was piling on the runs. Batting at the city end and facing over 179, Chandimal launched a six over mid-wicket from one of Starcs’s deliveries. The next ball he then launched another six over long-on: this went over the fences at the Fort end …laned on the road and was deflected  — a remarkable act too –by a youngish man walking wat from the Fort in the company of three or four. This reaction, too, was astonishing in its own way because he could not have seen the stroke

But what requires pinpointing is the camerawork. That INCIDENT on the road in front of the Fort …. actually a series of moments …. was captured vividly by the camera from a position to the right of the action and from a higher elevation. Since there were no emplaced cameras at a high elevation on the right side of the cricket ground the flow of shots must have been followed by the cameramen on the ground or by a drone camera.

Either way, it adds up to a modern marvel …. served up by modern unrecognised Supermen.


Starc to Chandimal, SIX runs

200! He does it again over midwicket! Extraordinary hitting to bring up a brilliant double! Another length ball in the slot, he clears the leg and smears it with the wind over the rope!

That is the highest score by a Sri Lankan against Australia passing Sangakkara’s 192 in Hobart



Starc to Chandimal, SIX runs

Got him again! Onto the road near the Fort at long on! A slower ball in the slot, he clears the front leg and launches it miles!


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