Horrendous Western Misreadings of Sri Lankan Situation in 2008-09

  Tony Donaldson’s Capsule Comment in Facebook A Few Years Back++
Michael, …. Two great articles in “Ambassador Blake in Never-Never Land…” and “The imperious interventions of David Miliband….” I am not surprised by any of this. US diplomats should study anthropology for a few years. It might teach them to recognize neo-colonialism in their own value system.
It reminds us that the US., its diplomats and think tanks which operate in the guise of academic institutions, do not present global or universal values as they pretend or claim, but a deeply entrenched relativist one that is tied to US interests (but in this instance, the sheer lack of understanding about what occurs in SL is mind-boggling).
Displaced Tamils on the movein the northern Vanni  — from west eastwards in mid-late 2008

At the end of the day, we still live with relativism, be it cultural or moral, governed by political, economic and cultural beliefs. We don’t hear much about globalization today. At one time, it was worshiped in universities like a manifestation of God. The Western brand of it has failed, leaving China to take it over in its own form. We are back in the land of relativism – in fact we never left it. Neo-colonialism is still there.
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++ A New Zealander  who has written on Sunil Shantha, Tony Donaldson speaks Malay and Chinese. 
“Tony Donaldson to introduce Sunil Shantha and His Music to Contemporary Lanakns,” 26 October 2016, https://thuppahis.com/2016/10/26/tony-donaldson-to-introduce-sunil-santha-and-his-sinhala-music-to-contemporary-lankans/
Sachitra Mahenda  “Maestro unsurpassed,” 14 December 2016, https://dailynews.lk/2016/12/14/features/101780

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