Contrasts in Lanka: The Sturdy Medieval vs The Fluid Tempestuous Present

This photograph sent to Thuppahi by KEITH BENNETT of Australia & Lanka .…. says it all


…. while these others further underline the sturdiness of the old Dutch fortifications   … with two photographs showing the scenario after the tsunami hit: still pix that emphasize the horrows seen worldwide as a local news cameramen took photographs of bodies and cars flowing east to west  after the tsunami waters had swept in on 26th December 2004 (the first newscast to warn the world?).
















 the Fort in the late 19th century before its clocktower was built 



























and a scene of cricket in the 1980s snapped by one of Sri Lanka’s premier cameramen, Nihal Fernando



.….. followed by a shot of a more casual cricket match in the 21st  century against the imposing background of the northern walls background of the northern walls …. and an aerial overview that  is truly informative


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