Framing Russia as a Nuclear Nut — USA’s Programme

Oliver Stone … on Facebook …… warning the world about the US-led Western  conspiracy to brand and trap Russia as a nuclear nut



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2 responses to “Framing Russia as a Nuclear Nut — USA’s Programme

  1. Ukku Banda

    I like the Pavlov dog reference. The Western world has become a raging bunch of hysterical plebeians of Pavlov dogs, mouth-wateringly waiting for their daily feed of anti-Russian hysteria to be vomited out of the mouths of politicians and journalists.

  2. chandre+DW

    In a review of Oliver Stone’s work by William Lloyd he says:

    “Stone’s marvelously paranoid thriller JFK was released in 1991. Initially acclaimed, Stone’s liberties with the historical record (the film implies that Lyndon Johnson plotted Kennedy’s assassination) soon attracted heavyweight criticism from America’s prestige press and Hollywood power-brokers. “A man of technical skill, scant education, and negligible consequence,” was how the Washington Post‘s George Will described the director at the time. Stone was denounced as a conspiracy theorist, cancelled, and would never regain his position at the centre of American culture”.

    Oliver Stone is not interested in facts historical validity. Stone also made a film of the tyrant who rules Kazakhastan, making him into a hero. It’s that wealth available in Kazak that has tempted both Kanye West and the allegedly very corrupt Tony Blair to work in Kazakhstan over the years. Perhaps Oliver stone was/is no better?

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