Roshan Abeysinghe’s Suite of ‘Shots’ in FACEBOOK

Lincoln Clement Roshan Abeysinghe (b. 1963) is described in Wikipedia as a marketing professional and a current cricket commentator. It is in the latter role that he is best known and we are lucky to have collection of his bests “SHOTS” — so to speak — in and around cricket made available to us in FACEBOOK  …. with one embellishment of him taking to the streets in protest recently.







with Sunil Gavaskar in commentary box














 with David  Boon






 remembering two cricketing GREATS who died suddenly in recent months






As Principal Compere commanding a Post-match Ceremony



 As cricket commentator in the lead-up to a match

under the gun from Covid marshals !@!#!!









…. and TODAY in Sri Lanka taking to the streets in protest





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