John Landers’ Concerns re Australia’s Policy towards China

“Citizens Insight” hosts Interview with John Lander conducted by Robert Borwick ………………………..

AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS’ PARTY  =  Veteran Australian diplomat speaks out against war danger Interview with John Lander, Former Deputy Ambassador to China (1974-76), Former Ambassador to Iran (1985–87) Hosted by Robert Barwick, Research Director of the Australian Citizens Party Contact the Australian Citizens Party campaigns: PHONE: 1800 636 432 EMAIL: WEB: Contact John Lander:

Thus far this You Tube Interview has drawn 150 Comments with one noteworthy one highlighted by Barwick viz
A retired Australian army officer just messaged me: “Incredible interview. John Lander’s knowledge is invaluable. Actually makes me feel sick to the pit of my stomach how Australia has dug itself an almighty hole viz a viz the US & China from which it will take very deft diplomacy & clear thinking to extract ourselves from.”


A COMMENT from Fair Dinkum, 2 April 2022

This is a very insighful interview. The former Australian diplomat to China and Iran talks about what the US and Australia are really up to in their foreign policy against China, including the objective of pouring weapons into Taiwan and to create a long drawn out war with China , to bog them down , weaken China and its Belt road.

See map ..………….. where the countries in green are the only countries to sanction Russia and criticise Russia over the war in Ukraine.

They are Western countries only …but it includes Japan , which Barwick regards as a Western country because its military alliance with the US is so strong.

But he didn’t mention that Gabon and Kenya have joined with the US in sanctioning Russia.

He makes the point that about 140 countries are attracted to the Chinese Belt road and China’s currency as the main currency for trade, because China provides a much more fairer system than the one currently operated by the US. So much for the lie perpetrated by some that China has engaged in unfair practices in Sri Lanka.


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2 responses to “John Landers’ Concerns re Australia’s Policy towards China

  1. Siri Hewawitharana

    Beautiful analysis and all colonials should see this valuable civilised analysis of Anglo-American colonialism and avoid a future war that will wipe out most living beings from this beautiful planet.
    I have been working in China since the 80’s and have seen the great progress of that country. Western Slave-owners will never understand China and America will always create mischief around the world and make profits out of those wars. China needs to be strong. Let us hope China will move forward without getting into colonial traps in due course.

  2. Sam Elliot

    You are well educated John Lander with real Christian values.

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