Lord Naseby’s Book Launch …. House of Lords, 26 February 2022

The initial launch of Paradise Lost. Paradise Regained by Lord Michael Naseby scheduled in Colombo in 2020 was scuttled by the covid pandemic …. so the launch was taken up recently in the House of Lords in London (alas, amidst severe political and economic turmoil in the island).

Left: Lord Michael Naseby (seated)

John Rajan Yorke leaning across table; Amal Abeyawardene (at right)


L-R: David Tatham – former British High Commissioner in Sri Lanka (1996-99); Lady Shaida Sheikh (wife of Conservative peer, Lord Mohamed Sheikh), John Field  – former British High Commissioner in Sri Lanka (1991-96)

L-R: Amritha Abeyawardene; Irene Yorke; Samantha Pathirana (theActing High Commissioner of Sri Lanka);Rose Van Orden; Geoffrey Van Orden (former Member of the European Parliament)



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