A Tamil Tiger Migrant who Dares to Differ

Sabaratnam Sundaramoorthy

The book, Dare to Differ, is a short account of the long struggle of the Tamils to establish a separate state. It is written from the point of view of a Tamil expatriate living in Australia. The author is well equipped to write this account as he was an active member of the pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora which was the second front opened by the Tamil separatists. The Australian branch of the Tamil diaspora was a leading contributor to the cause. As a political activist and sympathiser of his people, he had close access to leading members of the LTTE. This has enabled him to give an insider’s view of some of the events that shaped the movement. His interactions with the Tamil leaders are revealing. His narrative runs smoothly. It is a MUST read for anyone interested in understanding the role played by the Tamil diaspora in the LTTE struggle.


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2 responses to “A Tamil Tiger Migrant who Dares to Differ

  1. Chandra Maliyadde

    The incumbent Government might be worried that they did not allow to establish a separate Government for Tamils as they lost a good source to borrow.

  2. Kandiah Sundaralingam

    Mr Sabaratnam Sundaramoorthy openly disclose his role in the Tamilian struggle for equal recognition in the country of birth. Most of the countries in the world do not support colonisation & / or militarily running government in this 21st century. Multi culture is the way to go.

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