Eerie Splendour: Wild Animals in The Depths of Darkness

Introducing “Phantoms of the Night” by  De Silva, Gallangoda Happuaracchi & Jayaratne


“Phantoms of the Night” – Wild Cats of Sri Lanka, a book offering an incredible window into four species of felines making a living in their shadowy realm. Stunning photographs and their story will lure you into a world shrouded in mystery. Penned by amateur naturalists: Thilak Jayaratne, Janaka  Gallangoda, Nadika Happuarachchi and Madura De Silva. The book is the result of their two decades of wandering about in various parts of the country and their fascination with nature.


The purpose of the book is to show the allure of the wild felines, and in particular the splendor of the enigmatic small wild cats. Wild cats are supernatural predators, flaunting lethal beauty unmatched by any other group of animals in Sri Lanka. Truly, only a paradise is fortunate enough to have such awe-inspiring felines living in the wild. Phantoms of the Night, is a real “travel-companion” and written in layperson’s terms without being overly reliant on scientific jargon. The author’s goal is to unravel the facts about the felines and find its way into more popular-based audiences.




The authors have made substantial contributions towards the conservation, having previously published books on Primates, Fresh Water Fishes, and the Island of Mannar. What differentiates this book from not being just another addition to coffee-table books is the power of the story and photography, uncluttered by zoological details. Out of all nature’s predators, wild cats are the most elite. If there is mystical power in any animal, it is enfolded in them more so than any other creature in the countryThe risk of them disappearing from Sri Lanka is a reality, as they are continuously losing their habitats at an alarming rate which is much faster than any other country in Asia. The book is a crying-plea for action, willpower, perseverance, and long-term involvement in conservation measured not in years but decades.

The launch will take place on 17th December, 6 pm at the Shangri-La Hotel Colombo. The photographic exhibition for the public will be held on the 18th and 19th December 2021, 9 am to 7 pm at the Lionel Wendt Art Gallery.

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Published 2022 By Chaya Publisher.  …………….ISBN 978-624-98474-0-8

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