Fascist Australians pressing the Murdoch-Morrison Juggernaut Campaign vs ABC and BBC

A Concerned Australian in Email Note to Thuppahi …who has added the highlighting

This afternoon …. Saturday 4th November …..  these right wing Nazis attempted to enter the ABC in Southbank Melbourne with a view to shutting it down.  The Vic Police prevented them achieving their goals. They are part of a growing extreme movement which the Federal government support  tacitly, which wants the ABC shut down Murdoch is calling for this and  also shutting down the BBC.  These Nazis only want the Murdoch media, Fox and Sky to be heard. The Federal Government approves because the ABC is the only thing in Australia holding the government to account, and they dislike any criticism.  I have to say Morrison is going off the rails and slowly turning Australia into a fascist state. The distance between Nazi ideology and right wing Liberal politics in Australia is very thin. 








COMPARE too the Thoughts of “Fair Dinkum” sent to me a week or so ago

It is interesting to compare the way Australia creates narratives about other countries profiting at Australia’s expense over China: see https://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/australian-economy/americas-massive-profit-at-australias-expense-revealed-as-trade-war-with-china-escalates/news-story/71d943f90c03b3f4d00f9e7ec1890a76
Not so long ago, the same allegations were made against NZ using extremely critical and offensive language, accusing NZ of “making a fast buck” and attacking Arden with Aussie film crews claiming she had “stabbed Australia in the back” and had “betrayed” Australia.
We have known for alnost a year that the US has gained from Australia’s fallout with China, far more than NZ, but, like a tortoise the Aussie media are so slow to catch up with it. But when it comes to the US making a profit at Australia’s expense, the Aussie narrative changes in its language. It is less critical and offensive of the US, there are no accusations of making “a fast buck”, or “stabbing Australia in the back”, no Aussie film crews getting up Biden’s nose. The US can never be wrong in Australia’s eyes.  So the media doesn’t know who to blame. Is it China?  Morrison?  The US?
How did Australia get into this mess, which seems intractable with the current government sucked into its own propaganda. Politics is a pain in the ass. Politicans are a pain in the ass, and they always will be unless they learn the error of their ways. That of course won’t happen. They are incapable of learning anything beyond their own noses. The media is just as  bad.

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  1. ABC was and is an anti Sinhalese and anti natives of Indian colonies. There are Indian agents in the ABC and the BBC from end of WWII. To hell with the ABC and the BBC.

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