Auckland Atrocities: Grounded Appraisals from Sri Lankans

I present several comments from Sri Lankans in New Zealand and Sri Lanka

A NOTE from SM in Colombo, 7 Sept 2021

It is high time for countries to cut hard on organisations promoting and practicing extremist ideologies whether they be religious, ethnic, separatist, or nationalist.  The UK extended its ban on the LTTE a few days back which is a welcome development.  Canada should practice what they preach. With an election round the corner, the Liberal Trudeau govt soft peddles the LTTE issue in order to garner Canadian Tamil votes.  The Canadian government’s sponsorship of TGWA is a case in point.
Countries that ignore, or aid and abet violent extremism will reap what they sow.

NOTE from HH, 7 Sept 2021:

Thanks Michael for sharing. The law is an ass interpreted by lawmakers who do not understand the mind/s of terrorist/s and the way they work. Jihad and radical Islam will use the legal loopholes to gain the sympathy of the West and strike the very hand that feeds it. You can’t have the cake and eat it. Developing countries without such elaborate legal processes and systems are unable to meet such threats effectively and efficiently. The Easter Sunday attack in SL is a case in point. It has its roots in Kattankudy. Food for thought.

SG to SW, 5 Sept 2021

Good lesson for countries granting asylum to Sri Lankans claiming torture (NZH calls us a “tortuous” country!) without checking with Sri Lankan authorities. They didn’t want to repatriate him as he could face trouble here. His family is living peacefully in the East. He must have had unlawful activity here as well.

The NZ authorities keep calling him a Tamil, just to stress the so-called anti Tamil environment here.

New Zealanders are learning lessons in the hard way trying to be super humanitarians.

Response from SW  in New Zealand ,… to SG… 7 Septmeber 2021

It looks like he fooled the authorities here.  Live: Terrorist unmasked – the refugee who turned on NZ and plotted evil in his living room; PM’s ‘frustration’ over deportation attempts; Family: ‘We stand with NZ’

Further to my earlier e mail, NZ laws could be considered archaic in the modern world where terrorists will exploit such weaknesses.  Imagine a system where a man with proven terrorist intentions cannot be kept in custody. Instead, he is kept under surveillance with a team following him every step throughout the day, yet keeping a safe distance away to avoid his attention, over several years at public expense.

High time NZ woke upto the realities of today’s world without feeling safely isolated in the far corner of the planet. I am hurt that NZ has fallen into the trap that SL managed to escape, while at the same time labeling us as a contry where torture ( or tortuous as NZ Heraldcalls it) is common place. 


HOT PRESS: The Killer



Shamindra Ferdinando in The Island  today 11 September 2021 has indicated that GOTABAYA RAJAPAKSE has instructed the SLPolice to cooperate fully with NZ in passing on relevant data. An obvious step this. …..

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  1. dickie bird

    He did not fool the Authorities BUT the Authorities in the NZ Consulate were made to look FOOLS.
    Five eyes minus a a blind eye.
    Who wants to agree with NZ about the basic concept of Democracy & Human Rights, when each one has their own vision that could be breathtakingly different.
    This terrible habit of believing a minority disaffected person cry out being denied democracy. GULLIBLE ??

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