Sunset on Lake Petén Itzá, Guatemala


The Central American country of Guatemala boasts some very large lakes. Lake Izabal is the country’s largest, and Lake Atitlán is probably the most renowned (some have called it the world’s most beautiful lake). The lake in our image, Petén Itzá, is also well worth a look – and lots of people feel it’s definitely worth a visit, as many journey here to take in the stunning scenery. Petén Itzá is popular with the local wildlife as well – crocodiles, spider monkeys, jaguars and brockets thrive here, and the northeastern shore of the lake hosts a butterfly reserve.

Besides all of the lakeside splendour, the area is rich in archaeological sites. It’s said at least 27 Maya archaeological sites are located in the lake’s vicinity, including Tayasal, once a large city.

Lake Petén Itza is located in Guatemala

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