The Changing Face of Cricket

Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricketers assembled together

QUESTION FOR Aficianados: In what way are they different from Today’s Cricketers in the 2010s and 2020s?

MY  TRUMP-CARD ANSWER = They are all clean-shaven and beardless …. and distinctly better-looking as a result.

A FOOTNOTE: When one of the World Series matches pitted a combined team against the West Indies Squad at the huge football stadium at West Lakes in Adelaide in January !978 (or 1979?), Michael Roberts was one of the mere 800 or 900 spectators in that giant arena. 

I consider WHAT WE the few WITNESSED to be a privilege that I shared with that small cluster of cricket fans: we were seeing great cricketers in action within a form of televsion documentation that was revolutionizing the format–notably by having cameras at both ends and others cameras for special side-shots …. besides drop-in wickets, et cetera, et cetera.

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