The Precious Landscape and the Beauties of Nature in Mannar …. Now Under Threat?

The Delights of Nature in Mannar

An ancient Baobab tree — a reminder of the links with Arab traders in the medieval and early modern eras


EMAIL NOTES from Fair Dinkum in Alarm, during the course of January 2021:

A = 1 January 2021:

“What is Australia up to in Sri Lanka? There was a very good al jazeera documentary on the sand wars, a major global threat, and greedy Australia is exploiting Sri Lanka’s resources.  This cannot be in the national interests of Sri Lanka.  Depleting sand from beaches leads to erosion of the coast line.”

B = 2 January 2021:

“Thanks for sharing.  I am very interested and concerned with what is happening in Mannar.  Apart from that one item by the ABC, this issue has received no attention in the Australian media, namely the Murdoch Mafia.

Good that Jeremy has first hand knowledge of what is occurring and is revealing the truth.

That Dr whoever from Australia is playing politics and has no concern for the people or environment,  and to say that this mining brings a livelihood to local communities is claptrap. That Perth company will make big profits and leave an ecological and economic disaster for the local peoples. It is unethical and immoral.

This is a problem in many countries and Western democracies play dirty when it comes to mining for profit.

In America, a guy called Steven Donziger, who uncovered the Chevron mining fiasco in Ecuador has been in house arrest for 500 days, by order of two US judges who had investments in Chevron. That company also talked about mining helping local communities,  but the result has been an environmental catastrophe for locals, and profits all went to the US, and they went after the man who did the right thing to unmask it…. those judges are corrupt.


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