Guns Trained on China

A Dinkum Far Eastern Hand**

ONE INSTANCE:  As this story illustrates, the once respected Reuters news agency has succumbed to being another outlet of propaganda aimed at smearing China. … ……………………………………. 

The BBC is also undermining its own professional standards when it comes to reporting on China, Hong Kong and Xinjiang as it succumbs to manifesting propaganda on China, and in China the acronym for BBC now stands for the Badmouthing Broadcasting Corporation. 

EXAMPLE TWO: China pinpoints Sharri Markson & Michael Gordon as Conspirators in the Wuhan Lab-leak Tales

A Comedy but everything presented here can be backed up by evidence …. about US Australia efforts to manufacture fake claims about China with parallels to Iraq

** This gent speaks Chinese anda couple  of other Asian languages …but has to remain anonymous because of his locaation in the Antipodes

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  1. dickie bird

    Efforts to manufacture fake claims about China with parallels to WMD of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.
    But, it has dawned on the Imperialist West, China is a tough cookie to bake.

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