An US Combat Cameraman’s Film Journal of Ceylon in 1944-45

Ettoro Porecca: “A Soldier’s Film Journal of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 1944-1945″ (HD) ……..Jun 17, 2016 .... Film and Narration by Ettore Porreca (1920-2013) 6,721 views

Ettore Porreca was a United States Army combat cameraman in World War II. In 1944 he was attached to the British army, and he was sent to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) for a few months in the winter of 1944-1945. ….

Ettore aged 92 ….

While there he and his comrades practiced their motion picture skills by filming various events and places, including the beautiful Ceylonese countryside, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Ceylonese workers crushing stone by hand to make gravel, a city marketplace, a golf match, street scenes in the city of Kandy, and a colorful Ceylonese celebration. The 16mm film they shot was developed while they were in Ceylon so that he and the other cameramen could learn from what they had done. Since the film was not war footage destined for government archives, Ettore was able to keep the film, and he sent it home. However, Ettore never had access to a 16mm projector, so he never saw the movies after his return home after the war. He put the film away and completely forgot about it. Then in 2010, in the course of cleaning the basement, one of Ettore’s sons found the film and had it transferred to digital format. Now Ettore, at the age of 90, could watch and narrate the film that he and his buddies shot 65 years earlier.

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Mark Scott & Eileen Buckley : “Remmebering Two Pioneers in Their Professions,”  23 October 2013,

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