Hurdles: Entering Sri Lanka TODAY –Guidelines

The procedure for entry into Sri Lanka has been reviewed and new guidelines have been applied with effect from 12 May 2021.

Accordingly, all persons arriving in Sri Lanka (Sri Lankans, Dual Citizens, Tourists, Foreign national arriving in Sri Lanka for work including members of diplomatic Missions) irrespective of their vaccination status (whether they have received the recommended doses of a Covid vaccine or not), should be mandatorily quarantined at a Quarantine Hotel/Quarantine Centre/Safe and Secure Certified Level 1 Hotel for 14 days.

Children below 2 years of age are exempt from Day 1 and exit PCR testing.

All travellers of 12 years and above should undergo Day 1 PCR testing and all travellers above 2 years of age should undergo Day 11 and Day 14 PCR testing.

Sri Lankans returning to home country and ex-Sri Lankans traveling for family visits etc

The following categories of persons will be permitted to enter Sri Lanka without prior approval of the Foreign Ministry and the Civil Aviation Authority:

1. Sri Lankans (including Sri Lankan seafarers arriving by air)

2. Dual Citizens who travel on Sri Lankan Passports

3. Foreign spouses of Sri Lankans

4. Unmarried children of Sri Lankans, who hold foreign nationality

Ex-Sri Lankans holding foreign passports (who do not hold Dual Citizenship) as well as Dual citizens travelling on foreign passports travelling to Sri Lanka for family visits/family emergencies etc should continue to obtain prior approval of the Foreign Ministry. Such persons should obtain Foreign Ministry/Civil Aviation Authority approval by sending a request to the Covid Team at the Foreign Ministry in Colombo to email address with copy to giving the following details:

Ex-Sri Lankans and foreign nationals visiting Sri Lanka for tourism

Ex-Sri Lankans holding foreign passports and foreign nationals who wish to travel to Sri Lanka for the purpose of tourism should follow the Tourist Travel Bio Bubble procedure of the Sri Lanka Toursim Promotion Bureau. The procedure, including how to obtain the approval for travelling and visa procedure is available on the website at the link

Source – Sri Lanka High Commision London


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