SkandaKumar’s Momentous Transition: Canberra to Haputale

An Email Note from S. Skandakumar, 25 April 2021

A nostalgic reflection as Life ‘s seasons change! From inspecting a Guard of Honour when presenting credentials  in Canberra ,  to the tranquility of Haputale as my four companions prepare for their usual Bath ! …. All delightfully stray.

Skanda, as he should, deploys high-flown diplomatic language. In everyday speech in Lanka “stray” dogs are generally referred to as “pariahs” — that is, “para ballo.”

Thus,  they are the canine equivalent of “thuppahi.”  So, my four good friends in Haputale, you are welcome in my club. The Editor, Thuppahi

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Michael Roberts:Why Thuppahi” in that web site

M. Roberts, Ismeth Raheem Percy Colin-Thome 1989 “PejorativePhrases: the Anti-Colonal Response and Sinhala Perceptions of the Self Thorugh Images of the Burghers,” in People Inbetween, Colombo, Sarvodaya Publishing Services, pp. 1-22.

Barbara Crossette 2020 “The Burgher Exodus from Sri Lanka: A Reading in 1988,”

The Burgher Exodus from Sri Lanka: A Reading in 1988

Why Thuppahi

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