Kunanayakam’s Incisive Review of the West’s Machinations at Geneva and Lanka’s Failures

Gus Mathews

This is a very incisive interview with Tamara Kunanayakam, a former ambassador to the UNHRC in Geneva. In a no-nonsense manner she unravels why the pursuit of Sri Lanka by the Western nations is taking place.

She also attests to the ‘own goals’ scored by Sri Lankan diplomats after her time. Unfortunately, in my humble opinion the current Sri Lankan diplomats with a few exceptions do not have the diplomatic skills to counter the wiles of the Western diplomats. Moreover, she blames the inconsistencies in foreign policy by the GoSL of various hues that have been utilised by the enemies of Sri Lanka to fit their geo-political agenda.

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ALSO SEE THIS ITEM in particular for the 2012 events which highlight both Western power and the internal machinations in 2012 which displayed a monumental cock-up by Mahinda Rajapaksa within his administration because of conspiracies within and without = https://thuppahis.com/2019/09/27/we-will-get-you-american-threat-at-the-unhcr-in-geneva-in-september-2011/


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Tamara Kunanayakam in Dialogue with Faraz on the UNHRC Vote at Geneva, March 2021




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6 responses to “Kunanayakam’s Incisive Review of the West’s Machinations at Geneva and Lanka’s Failures

  1. Ramesh Somasunderam

    What she fails to state is that Western Countries back India in the Indian Ocean region and South Asia. The current Sri Lankan government is very much pro China and have given some of their harbours for Chinese strategic interests in the Indian Ocean and South Asian region. This has upset the Western countries. I will be adding three more chapters to my book entitled: Strategic Significance of Sri Lanka where I will be looking at Sri Lanka’s current foreign policy and comparing it to Finland which carefully manoeuvred their foreign policy to suit the interests of Finland. It will be entitled: The Finderlisation of Sri Lanka.

  2. dickie bird

    This is the Lady Tamara who should be representing us in Geneva. I have said it over over again.
    SL never gave their harbours to China. Hambantota was a blue print of the UNP & by the West sometime ago.
    MR offered it to India but they were not interested & then it went to China for construction & during 2015 it was UNP who leased it to China over payments.

  3. Ramesh Somasunderam

    I only know that because the Sinhalese majority do not have Sinhalese in India the majority people of Sri Lanka and their respective governments are not pro India but pro China. This is a fact that the Indian Central government realises this but because they are also anti Tamil and anti South Indian the Central Government of India has turned a blind eye to the foreign policy of Sri Lanka.to date.My real concern is how long will this continue is the real issue that the current Sri Lankan government be concerned about.

  4. Truth is King

    Dickie Bird is absolutely correct in his recollection of history regarding Hambantota. I also agree with his view that Tamara should be representing SL in Geneva.

  5. dickie bird

    Dear Ramesh, sadly you are misrepresenting some facts here.
    Its not an issue whether pro India or China it is a political reason for an economic matter.
    ” Further, its wrong to point the finger & say they are anti Tamil and anti South Indian.”
    The Colombo District, there are more Minorities residents than the Majority community.
    It is wrong to say anti South Indian. Look to the estate sector, there appears to be no animosity & they got voting rights as well.
    South Indians predominantly reside in the Plantations. If they face problems you envisage, Mr. Ramesh Somasunderam, you need to appeal to the British Government, to issue BN(O) passports & get them to the UK. It was the British who brought them and deserted them & not the Govt of India..
    If they possess SL Passports, that does not arise.
    Please do not attempt to ignite racial flames, hatred & drag in the Indian Govt to promote a hidden agenda.

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