India Unique: Villages Beyond Imagination

UNIQUE INDIA:  Village of Cobras, Portuguese Village, Doorless Village, Millionaires’ Village, Batchelor Only Village …. Et cetera, Et cetera

SHETPAL: It is a fact well-known that India is a country, where snakes are considered as revered creatures due to their ancient origin, and their connection with Hindu deity Shiva. Every year, on the Nag Panchami festival, thousands of devout people in Indian villages worship and feed the snakes to receive divine blessings.

However, about 200 km from PuneMaharashtra, in the Sholapur district, is located a village named Shetpal. Here, cobra snakes have a permanent abode in each and every house; snakes are worshipped daily in every heart and home in this village!

Shetpal is a village, where snakes have no restriction in their movement and none of the 2,600 plus villagers ever harm them in any way. In fact, cobras are welcomed in every house as a member of the family. Neither the cobras, nor the residents live in fear of each other.

The people of Shetpal have gone a step ahead in their liking for the venomous co-residents by building devasthanam (abode of the deity) in their home. A special corner in the house is set aside, exclusively for the cobras to come and cool off at any time they wish. If anyone in the village constructs a new house, he makes sure to devote a hollow portion of the dwelling as devasthanam for the snakes.

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