Mirigama Expressway Soon Operational

Dinitha Rathnayake, in MorningLK, 25 March 2021, ….

The Mirigama-Kurunegala section of the Central Expressway (E04) is to be opened in May, making it possible to travel the approximately 39.7 km distance between the two points “within 25 minutes”. Mirigama is a town in the Gampaha District.

Speaking to The Morning, Ministry of Roads and Highways Secretary R.W.R. Pemasiri said that the section is nearing completion. “This would be very convenient for those who travel to Kandy, Kurunegala, and Dambulla. The entrance would be from Mirigama and the exit would be at Kurunegala; within 25 minutes.”

The E04 project would link Colombo to Kandy. The Central Expressway Project has been divided into four sections.

Section 1, from Kadawtha to Mirigama, is approximately 37 km; Section 2 is from Mirigama to Kurunegala (approximately 39.7 km) and Mirigama to Ambepussa (approximately 9.1 km); Section 3, from Pothuhera to Galagedara, is approximately 32.5 km; and Section 4, from Kurunegala to Dambulla, is approximately 60.3 km.

According to Pemasiri, the entire project would be completed in three years. The proposed expressway network is expected to interconnect most of the regions in the country including the North and the East. It will also enhance the ease of access to tourist destinations, reduce travel times, and improve fuel efficiency.

The total cost of the expressway is estimated to be approximately Rs. 200 billion.

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